Why Gmail is Beneficial for Businesses

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Benefits of Gmail for Business

One of the core functions of your business is to communicate with customers about new products and updates to existing ones. Email represents a platform that has been around for a long time whose effectiveness has been proven. Google provides several tools for a start-up business, one of the best being Gmail. So why should you use this application in your business? Let us look at some of these reasons.

Support for Different Platforms

Whether your company is using Microsoft, MacOs or Ubuntu operating systems, Gmail will deliver all you need regardless of what you are using. Best of all, this application is compatible with different browsers. You can also attach documents prepared using different formats such as open office, word, pdf and many others.

Efficient Organization and Filing

Google utilizes labeling as a way of streamlining your emails. The standards used are at a level that is recommended by various professional bodies. You can label your incoming emails according to the source so that you can easily access and retrieve them. The emails are then stored in different folders which are appropriately named.

Unlimited Storage Space

When you sign up for a Gmail account, you get free unlimited storage for all your emails. If you have an account for each employee in your business, each will get 7 GB of storage space absolutely free! This gives you a chance to keep your messages and files that are important in a secure place.

Manage Your Emails From a Central Place

When using Gmail, you can store your emails and files using cloud storage. You don’t have to download any document on your laptop, PDA or phone. This saves you much needed space. Some of the operations you can perform from your account include:

  • Sync your account with numerous client devices such as PDAs, laptop and PCs.
  • Search for emails across these devices easily.
  • Schedule for backups of your contact list, email and documents at the click of a button.
  • As your business grows, you will gain from an expanding storage capacity due to more email getting received and documents retained.
  • Access of all your conversations and emails, documents and attachments from your mobile device.
  • You can back up all or just a few files to an offline location.

Create and Manage Documents

The Gmail online office suite gives you the opportunity to create, manage and store your documents. These can be done comfortably within the environment and stored securely. Take pictures and photos then edit them using the free Picasa software. You can add special effects then store them on the cloud. This mail program now comes with integrated chat and instant messaging to help you communicate better. You can now use Gmail sms for your business, whereby you can get mail sent directly into your inbox via sms.

Email Security

Google uses advanced technology to prevent your PC getting infected by viruses. The spam filter checks each inbound email for harmful content from the Google server. If the file contains spam material or viruses, it is spammed.
When you use Gmail for your business, you get unrivalled mobility, access from anywhere, unlimited storage space, perfect security for your documents and files and enhanced communication.

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