The Importance of Mobile Marketing

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mobile-marketingDid you know that over fifty percent of local searches are done with a mobile device? If you have yet to create a mobile website, you are missing a key customer base. It is vital to create a mobile website for your customers that are going to access your site from their mobile device. Here are a few of the recent statistics regarding mobile search:

  • 60% of mobile searchers will visit the business
  • 50% of mobile searchers will use a map to look up the business and find directions
  • 52% or mobile searchers will call the business
  • 70% of mobile searchers will connect with a business

Gaining a presence on a mobile device is essential to the growth of your business. If you expect to focus on finding new customers, and remaining competitive in your industry, you need to use mobile search. Mobile is the best way to get in touch with your customers directly. Thanks to social media, local search, and SMS messaging, businesses are able to get in touch with the customers within seconds. This can allow you to have a major marketing launch of a new product, and send the information directly to the customers without printing a single flyer. Thanks to mobile search, companies are able to connect with their target audience at the right moment. This will enable you to send out coupons and other offers as you have people searching for directions to your store. What are some of the other ways companies can use mobile marketing to their advantage?

Tip # 1: Create an App

If you really want to get in touch with your audience, build an app. Apps are tremendously popular as they provide the customer with a service. Some companies enjoy building apps that are purely for entertainment, while others will create apps that benefit the customer. Apps are unique, and one of the best ways to gain your customer’s undivided attention. Determine if you would like to sell your app, or if you will offer a free version of the app. If you do create an app, make sure to include coupon offers, directions to your store, and other things that will be valuable and helpful to the customers.

Tip # 2: Mobile Offers

One of the things every customer will appreciate is a redeemable deal. You need to create offers that people can appreciate, and will prompt them to do something. Some businesses will send out a redeemable deal that will allow a customer to click through their mobile device to purchase a product, or obtain the reward. Other deals will require the customers to check-in at the business location to obtain the offer. The best part about using mobile offers is how easy it is to track the offers. You can find out how many people are using your mobile offers, and what they are responding to.

Tip # 3: Rewards Program

A great way to market through a mobile device is by creating a reward program. Remember the rewards cards that people used to get discounts at their favorite retailers? Now you can create a mobile rewards program the customer can use to get the same offer, only they don’t need to shuffle through their wallet to find their card.

Customers always have their mobile device on them when they are out, making them a prime marketing target. If you aren’t sure about mobile, plan on working with a good marketing agency to help you create a solid mobile marketing plan. With a growing number of people using mobile devices, you cannot afford to miss out on this new world of marketing.

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