The 5 Fitness Apps Fanatics Can’t Live Without

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Top 5 fitness apps

There are a lot of fitness apps out there, but only a few are tried and tested favourites in the fitness community. This list contains only those ‘can’t do without’ apps that make working out an easier and more educational experience.

Good Food Near You

This is restaurant-finding app with a twist. It scans your surroundings for the healthiest menu options near you, making eating out a much healthier experience. With this simple app installed on your phone, there’s no excuse for grabbing an unhealthy food choice when you’re out.


If you need guidance in training for a marathon, look no further than this app. It will give you a complete day-by-day breakdown of the training you need to complete in order to be marathon ready. It’s a nine week regimen that pencils in three training days for you each week.

Instant Heart Rate

Did you know your phone camera is subtle enough to detect when your heart is beating? Apparently, there’s a subtle change of colour in the skin that lets the camera know the rate of your pulse. It’s pretty fascinating, and also pretty useful. The next bit of information might have you saying, ‘I wish I could sell my iphone.’Android users are lucky – they get it for absolutely free. Use it to track your fitness levels while you work out.

Nike Training Club

This app is free in the UK to O2 users only (a shame – we wish it was available to every network). It’s a complete workout system that includes tips and methods from pro athletes and celebrities. You can integrate your music playlists and work out to your own music.

Calorie Counter from My Fitness Pal

This app helps you keep track of your nutrition each day. You can input your meals and the app will access a database of thousands of store-bought and restaurant meals, as well as basic homemade meals and simple ingredients, to work out the calorie content of what you ate that day. It’s a really easy way to stay on track with fitness goals.

Hopefully 2013 will be an even better year for fitness apps. As Nike have figured out, great free content is one of the best ways to endear your brand to the masses. We think we’ll be trying out the C25K workout – and making our marathon ambitions for 2013 come true.

Author: Jodie Wrench used to sell mobile phone units, now she writes about the latest releases. It was destined, really.

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