Google Drive is on Cloud 9

google drive

Google’s latest service, the Google Drive is on cloud nine, and leaves a
trail of angry portable memory storage device makers. Well before we get to that on how they achieve this success lets first come to terms with what Google Drive really is. It is a file storage/sync service which goes by the latest trend of cloud computing and has incorporated Google Docs into it. Judging by the past experiences of Google even a lame man can speculate that the service will be free. Well , its mostly right, but we will come to that later.

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Basic Review On 6D Canon Cameras

Canon 6D

The latest version introduced by canon for photography is Canon 6D which is similar to that of canon 5D Mark III. This is the smallest and lightest DSLR with full frame. It is less expensive and have high quality resolution screen. It is mostly preferred in both landscape and portrait shooting because; it uses sensitive centre-only AF sensor. With this AF, one can easily focus the object in low light without using assist AF lamp. The sensor uses full-frame CMOS and 14-bit convertors. Sensor cleaners are also included in it to provide clear view. It has super-fast auto-focusing system which makes the focusing function easy. For video recording, it uses embedded time code which provides 4GB automatic file partitioning. In audio section, it uses mono mic and speakers and also has auto and manual audio recording control. The advanced features enclosed in this version are GPS system and Wi-Fi facility. With the GPS system, one can locate the images and set clock. With Wi-Fi facility, one can easily mail the photos with smart phone cards. Using Wi-Fi, one can transfer images in multiple ways.

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Predictions Of Advanced Features In iPhone 6

iphone 6

Technology advancements introduce several generation mobiles in the mobile world. Latest development in technology gives birth to iPhone 5. Although the iPhone 5 is yet to be announced, all the mobile lovers are seeking the features of 6th generation iPhone which is called as iPhone 6. Fans are started to look over the predictions and features of iPhone 6 over web. Let have a look over the predictions about the Apple iPhone 6. Most expecting predicted feature of iPhone 6 is about its design and shape of the mobile body. Apple decided to make the future versions of iPhone body through single piece of metal. As the iPhone body is designed from a single metal piece, the body of the iPhone will be thinner and much lighter than the previous versions. It also decided to include contemporary designs with sides rounded. As much advancement is introduced in displays, Apple planned to add p-Si LCD screen.

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Facebook’s Graph Search: Easy Tool To Search Facebook Information

Facebook Graph Search

Best social networking website which keeps all the friends keep in touch is facebook. Facebook is a social network where a person can share everything what he/she thinks. As the usage of facebook becomes an integral part of life, most of the mobile companies planned to integrate facebook on mobiles. Hence, nowadays people can access facebook anywhere in the world with the help of mobile. All can show more interest in knowing about their friends. One will show more curiosity to know where their friends are living, what they are doing, where are they doing and all. To fulfill the curiosity of the facebook users, facebook introduces a new tool called facebook graph search. This graph search helps the user to arrange all his/her friends according to their workplace and birthplace.

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