Is Mobile Gaming Better on Android or iPhone?

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android vs apple

Apple or Android? It is often a question that defines a generation of mobile technology. Everywhere you look the 2 biggest names are battling it out for control of the market.

Both companies are releasing phones with impressive specifications and game companies are developing games to go along with this. It seems only fitting to question which of the 2 phone giants boast a superior gaming sector, so let’s have a look! has produced a very helpful comparison sheet between most of the top range phones on the market, including the 2 heavy hitters for “Top Spec” phone: The Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5s.

The Galaxy S4 takes the win in the specifications department. With a 5.0 inch Full HD resolution screen (1920 x 1080) which can display the games in crisp high definition and a cracking quad-core 1.9 GHz processor in the back with 2GBs of ram, it simply trumps the iPhones 4inch screen, 64-bit processor and 1GB of ram.

Score 1 – 0 to Android

At the centre of this fight are the apps. Apple boast the App Store, while Android board the Goole Play Store. Which is better?

This one has to go to Apple; many developers choose to stick with the App Store when releasing and developing applications due to the number of global iPhone users and the  quality of the market; boasting titles such as: Sims, Mass Effect, Plants vs Zombies, Bejewelled the Google Play store can’t hope to keep up.

Android still has a foot in the door however d the ability to install 3rd party applications the user can install android casino apps as well as 3rd party independent titles; but for the sheer quality of games on the App store vs the Google Play store, this one goes to Apple.

android vs apple 2

Score 1-1

Finally we have to think about the developers here, the people who spend hours working to create these wonderful games that fill up a long train ride or seat on the bus.

Backend development company Kinvey produced a brilliant infographic detailing the ‘unconventional’ comparisons between Android and Apple which include some interesting information about publishing for each platform.

Firstly, due to its open-source nature, Google Play takes a much larger share of app revenues to account for development privileges, companies developing for the play store make much less in revenue than their app store counterparts.

Also, due to the nature of the development of the Android Operating System, it can be difficult for developers to release an app for Android and have it compatible for all phones on the market as newer versions of Android contain new features. Whereas developing for Apple has the added benefit of the applications being able to work on all devices, even out f date ones.

The final point for development has to go to Apple, giving them the win in our competition. While Android post some impressive specifications, the quality of the app store and the difficulty of development means the fight must go to Apple.

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