Will Paper Ever Become Obsolete?

Paper pile - April 2011

The paperless society is a seductive idea. Proponents maintain that less paper means more money, productivity space, security and that it will help the environment. They argued that the better the technology, the less reliant on paper we will become.  Instead, in the last few decades we have increased our paper use by making it easier to bulk print and photocopy.

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Top Apps For 2014

Apps drawer - 2 of 3

There are apps for every sphere of your life, from navigating your way through traffic to finding amazing places you’ve never been. You can read, play games and do a full yoga workout with the right apps. However, with so many available in the various app stores, knowing which ones to include in your life can sometimes be tricky.
This is our list of the top 5 apps of 2014, for all those different spheres of your life!

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Best Mobile Apps for Electronic Signatures


Technology is changing the way virtually everything in society is done. From business to education and even daily interactions, almost everything that was once done face to face now has a virtual counterpart. That is a good thing. Rather than having to drive to the bank, individuals can do all their transactions online. Instead of flying to a business meeting, executives can connect via a web chat. The extent of technology is even going so far as to enable different methods of signing documents that are legally valid in court. While not necessarily a “new” concept, e-signatures are an effective way to attach an actual signature to an important document without the hassle of the typical paper and pen formality. What is new in regards to e-signatures is the way signatures can be input, it isn’t just a replica of your handwritten signature. With the further acceptance of e-signatures as a viable way to do business, a number of e-signature apps have come on the market to facilitate this method on mobile devices.

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EasyGrouper Employee Phone List App Review

easygrouperWe’re living in a world which is seemingly dominated by technology, and it’s safe to say that over the last decade or so, the advances in modern technology have been both dramatic and impressive. The catalyst to get the entire digital process started was the invention of the Internet, as since then, the way we conduct both personal and business affairs have been extremely heavily influenced by computers and other technologies.

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