App-y Days How Smartphone Apps Can Boost Your Business Potential


No matter how long you have been in business, you will have to be flexible in order for your company to achieve its maximum potential and generate significant profit. You need to move with the times to ensure that your brand remains modern, current and reaches as many potential customers as possible. Nothing has proven this more than the rise of E-commerce. Take a look over the past two decades. Many stores that have failed to keep up with contemporary technology, sticking to old standards rather than accommodating to the boost in online demand have suffered huge losses and many have even gone into liquidation. Take Woolworths or BHS as notorious examples. The latest sales trend? Smartphone apps. So, if you want your business to thrive, it may be the time that you join the app store revolution and create an app specifically for your brand. Read on for everything you need to know to get you started.

 App-y Days How Smartphone Apps Can Boost Your Business Potential

What is an app?

“App” is short for application. It is a program that is downloaded by someone to their smartphone or tablet device. Individual apps are developed for different purposes. Some are to monitor health, some allow easy access to (and operation of) social media, some are games, some allow users to track their finances, some allow users to shop from certain brands with more ease. In short, their potential is outstanding. Whatever your business, you will be able to develop an app that can see your brand become part of your potential customers’ daily routine.

 App-y Days How Smartphone Apps Can Boost Your Business Potential 2

Will it increase my brand awareness?

In the U.K, smartphones are the nation’s leading device, outnumbering laptops and desktop computers. Two in every three people own a smartphone and most will use theirs for at least two hours every day. If you launch a successful app, you are consequently opening up your brand to two-thirds of Britain’s population. Not to mention international potential.

How do I start up?

First, you need to decide what kind of app is best for your business. Some will profit directly from the app, charging for users to download it. These apps are generally games or services (for example, picture editing software). Most, however, will offer a free app which has the purpose of encouraging individuals to engage with your stock or services, making purchases from the device within their pocket. Once you know what you want, find a software designer who specializes in this area. They will develop the app for you. It will cost, but it will be worth it. Then you will need to test run everything, making sure that everything runs smoothly. For help with this, contact the QASymphony support page. Following this, you’re ready and set to go! You can launch your new app on app stores, making it publically available.

Updates and Improvements

Like a website, it’s important that you regularly update your app, checking it for bugs, problems and occasionally simply revamping the general design. This will keep it fresh and exciting for users.

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