5 Best Internet Calling Apps

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Ready to put on those travel shoes again? Off to a known or even better, an unknown destination alone? Or with family? Whatever, the travel plan, whatever the destination and whatever the duration, connectivity becomes primordial when you travel and expenses involved therewith hence need due attention. The world has become a small place with people spending heavily on travelling to and exploring new places, these days. The cult of getting to understand the never-seen-before is gaining popularity with more and more countries developing their tourism sector and making the whole experience, a lot easier for frequent travelers. Having said that, you need to do some homework of your own when it comes to staying connected and making international calls while travelling. There are n-number of apps available these days to make international calling an easy and a cheaper affair.

Rebtel’s free calling app with its newer version for iOS phones and compatibility with iPhones and Androids is making it more and more popular amongst users these days. With crystal clear voice quality and low international call rates, this app is making travelers’ life quite easy. Connectivity is great and so are prices and besides, you can make free calls to other Rebtel users as well.

Skype is another reliable and a great user-friendly app for voice and video chats. With Internet hubs available almost at every corner these days, you can easily avail of this service to stay in touch with your family or to give them a quick update about your whereabouts. You need good internet connection for this, however. If you are travelling to a remote location, it is advisable to voice chat rather than a video chat for lesser expenses and quicker updates.

Another great app is Google Voice. This app too offers international calling rates that are quite attractive and you can personalize voicemail messages for callers and you even have the option of forwarding calls. It is quite popular in the US and is gaining momentum elsewhere around the world too. Try it once to see the comfort level.

Viber is another app that allows cheap international calling and free calls between same app users. This app allows your phone to identify other Viber users and makes the call experience a bit easier for them. Viber Apps are available for iOS (iPhone), Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

An app which is somewhat similar to Skype is Vonage. Another leading provider of low-cost communications, Vonage World provides unlimited calling to more than 60 countries world-wide. Some of its sought-for features are call-waiting, call-forwarding and visual voicemail for a very low monthly rate.

Try out these apps to make travelling cost-friendly and to ensure that your budget does not spiral out-of hand and out-of pocket! Try these to believe it!

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