3 Smart Phone Apps You Must Have

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Over the last decade or so, it’s probably safe to say that modern technology has advanced at an astonishing rate, and it continues to do day by day. As technology is advancing and evolving at such a fast face, it’s vital that we stay up to date, especially if we rely on technology as part of our everyday lives, and let’s face it, many of us do. The biggest advance in technology over the last decade or so has to be the smart phone. The smart phone revolutionised the way we use our phones, which basically meant that what was once their main functions I.E being able to text people and make phone calls, were now simply handy bonuses that the devices possessed. A smart phone is like carrying an expensive computer around with you in your pocket, with the option of being able to improve it by installing various apps. Apps are fantastic for smart phones, if you choose the right ones of course. For that reason and to help you out, here’s a look at three great apps for smart phones.

Magneto Calendar

Magneto calendar is basically an extremely nifty and helpful app, that takes something as seemingly simple as the humble calendar, and revolutionises it and brings it hurtling into the 21st century in a fun and helpful manner. The app will monitor your calendar, making note of absolutely everything that you’ve entered into it. When it’s time for a certain appointment or meeting Magneto calendar will automatically remind you. It also knows all of your addresses automatically, so it can actually plan your day for you, without the need for you to enter things such as the starting destinations for each trip you plan on making. There are weather forecasts, a web browser, a method for emailing contacts quickly and efficiently, and much more on top of that.


You use your smart phone to contact people, to browse the web, to do your shopping, and to even do your banking by accessing your bank account and transferring funds from one location to another. Because you use your smart phone in such a personal way, it’s vital that it’s safe and secure at all times. That’s where secunia personal software inspection comes into the picture. This app will scan the software on your smart device and will identify if there are any threats present or if any security updates are required to ensure your device remains safe at all times. Secunia is known for its patch management software which is why this patch security update is guaranteed to fix any vulnerabilities anywhere in your phone or device.


One of the greatest things about smart phones is the fact that you’re able to download music onto them, and then listen at will to the songs or albums you’ve downloaded. The problem with many music players and apps for these devices is the fact that they’re so complex and frustrating to use. You want to be able to select the track, album, or playlist you want to listen to, press play, and then relax and enjoy the music, not mess around by clicking pop ups and other pointless features. That’s why Listen is so popular, because it’s main goal is to make listening to music as simple and as easy as possible. Meaning you can press play and not have to worry about selecting the next song, or messing around with bass and who knows what else.

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