Why Smartphones are Great for Movie Buffs

watching movies on phone

Micro SD cards these days come with a capacity of 256GB and it allows users to store up to 12 hours of 4K video or 33 hours of full HD recordings. The whole world is embracing expandable memory on smart phones and tablets which lets users add extra storage with up to 200GB. This can really steal the thunder, especially to those movie lovers who want to watch movies everywhere and anytime possible.

Think about it, if you can carry the entire 10 seasons of Friends on your smart phone, how fabulous could that be? To make this happen, an iPhone of 64GB edition might not be enough, but the situation becomes different if you own an Android phone with the option of Micro SD card slot.

However, to get those TV Shows you love from DVDs into your smart phone, a Micro SD card is not enough, you will also need a DVD ripper software, which can help you convert all your DVD collections into correct video format, normally MP4 would be OK, so that you can watch them on your trips whenever you want. It is not hard to find a software application capable of doing that – all you need to do is search the internet and you will see a number of options.

Smartphones with fairly big screens are perfect for casually watching your favorite shows and videos while traveling or late night in bed. With large HD displays, your handheld devices can serve as mini entertainment systems, especially if you hook it up to a Bluetooth speaker. With the right apps you can play most video formats on your device.

What’s more, you can watch your favorite video content while still keeping a tab on your background apps such as email, messaging apps, etc., So indulge the movie buff in you and get a one of the best 4g mobiles today!

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