Why Apps were Made for Online Casinos and Sportsbooks

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Knowing the meaning of the term “app” is essential before trying to understand why they were made for online casinos and sportsbooks.

What is an App?

“App” is the short form of “application,” a computer program that is compatible with mobile devices. Apps enable users to perform certain tasks such as interacting with friends, playing games, learning languages, and so on. They have become popular precisely because they enable users of mobile devices to do much more than their phones would otherwise allow them to. Today, the Apple iPhone alone has more than 500,000 apps.

Rising Popularity of Mobile Gambling

When sophisticated mobile devices such as Android, Blackberry, and iOS were released into the market, smart operators of online gambling businesses understood the huge revenue-generating potential of mobile gambling. They realized that they could multiply their profits if they could give their online gambling customers the opportunity to play casino games for real money and bet on their favorite sports events on their mobile devices. The result was a flood of mobile casino apps and mobile sports betting apps into the industry.

A study conducted in the middle of 2013 by Onavo, a mobile data company, showed that 4.3 percent of those who own an iPhone device have downloaded a sports betting app. Although this is not a big number, it is getting bigger rapidly as the number of people purchasing smartphones and tablets and using them for sports betting purposes is on the rise.

How to Get Casino and Sportsbook Apps

Getting hold of a sports betting or a casino gaming app is quite easy, especially as most of them are available free of charge. To download an app, one must simply visit the online store managed by the company that released the mobile device or tablet. While apps for iOS devices are available at the App Store, those for Android devices are available in the Android Market.

The best online casinos in the industry allow players to download apps for mobile devices from their websites. In fact, downloading a casino or sportsbook app from the website of that casino or sportsbook is the best option for players. These apps come with excellent graphics and audio effects, making players feel as if they are playing at the original online casino and not on their mobile devices.

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