When Off-Site Training Is the Sensible Option

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E-learning is a flexible, reliable option when you need to train staff on coordinate measuring machine software. The freedom to train in-house and on your schedule, regulating hours for your staff or allowing them to learn at their own pace, can be invaluable when you need your quality assurance department up and running at full speed. You can pull your metrology equipment operators back onto the line in case of an emergency if they’re only in the next office instead of out of the facility. However, when it comes to complex software and programming needs like advanced levels of PC-DMIS CAD++, off-site instruction sometimes remains the most sensible option.

Discussions of off-site versus on-site training encourage managers to consider return on investment. When it comes to education, the return can be difficult to gauge at first, and immediate concerns always seem more pressing. For example, many manufacturing companies complain that, while they would like to cross educate more of their staff on metrology equipment, they can’t free up people to take more courses. Allowing this obstacle to stand in the way only perpetuates a dangerous situation, though. When an employee leaves the company, you’ll be left in the lurch scrambling to find a replacement qualified to do his or her job. Even worse, your coordinate measuring machine operator may take unexpected sick leave, meaning you’ll have to run with two men out of play instead of one. Preparing ahead of time can protect your shop from playing a crippling game of catch-up later.

One of the advantages of E-learning is that you can keep your staff accessible. While this can be good for keeping the production line running smoothly, it may also be less than ideal for learning. Depending on the member of the team, their learning style, and the environment your facility can offer, you may be damaging or unnecessarily prolonging the process. You can find all of the advantages to E-learning on the CMM website, but ultimately you will have to decide which method is best for your scenario. If a staff member can’t finish an instruction video or quiz before being drawn back to the factory, their retention levels will be low or they will have to repeat half-finished tasks. What would otherwise be a five day course off-site can stretch into weeks. You wouldn’t accept this kind of time wastefulness on the floor, so why would you tolerate it in education? That means that you’re also waiting longer to put that newly educated employee to work with their new skillset.

PC-DMIS CAD++ Level 3 from a training company like Canadian Measurement-Metrology Inc. (CMM) involves scripting, looping, subroutines, hyper reporting and more. If these have gone from “nice-to-haves” to “must-haves,” get ready. When your shop needs an advanced level software user, you are going to have send an expert off-site. CMM also offers off-site and online courses in more basic levels of PC-DMIS, meaning you can even use a hybrid approach. At the end of the day, building a better staff means building a more versatile shop.

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