What to Look For In a Bingo Website

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In the UK, there are hundreds of bingo websites catering for thousands of bingo players. So which one do you choose? Here are some criteria to check when you’re selecting your first online bingo website.

1. Deposit Bonus

If your chosen bingo website doesn’t offer a bonus on joining, forget it. Any bingo site worth its salt will give you a credit when you sign up, pay and play. It helps you make the most of your first few games without committing yourself to a large spend, and you’ll enjoy having that extra little bit of cash to play with.

Really good bingo websites actually give you a bonus without any need to deposit money. Grab those bonuses: you’ve got not nothing to lose.

And remember: bonuses may be offered for deposits in the future, so make sure you’re subscribed to any promotional emails.

2. Additional Games

While bingo’s great, sometimes you’ll want a break. That’s where the additional games come in. From roulette to slots, scratchcards to trivia, a good bingo site will give you a range of extra games to choose from.

Some mini games can be played within your bingo window, meaning you don’t have to exit the room to have a quick go on the roulette table, this can help to kill time between bingo games.

A progressive game is one that has a growing jackpot. You often see this with slots (virtual fruit machines). If you want big wins, progressives should be your best bet.

3. Experienced Chat Hosts

Bingo is as much about socialising as it is about playing the game. With online bingo, a great chat host can make or break your experience.

If you’re using a bonus to play, or testing out a freeplay, notice how the chat hosts conduct themselves in the room. Do they answer questions quickly? Are there any chat games going on? It’s not always easy for the hosts to keep up at busy periods, but there should still be a reasonably good response rate to questions.

Remember: chat games are often quite speedy, so don’t dive in until you’ve read the rules and observed a few games going on in the chat room. If you have any doubts, the chat host should help you.

4. Easy Payments

UK bingo websites like Butlers Bingo should allow you to deposit and withdraw to major credit and debit cards. In addition, there are some other services you might like to try, such as Moneybookers (also known as Skrill) and the Paysafe Card. The latter is basically a pre-paid plastic card that allows you to deposit and withdraw without revealing your credit card details online.

Joining Up

Now you’ve assessed the credentials of your chosen bingo website, you’re ready to give online bingo a try. Make yourself a large cup of tea, flip open your laptop and sign up. Before you know it, you’ll be in the running to win the jackpot.

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