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Ten Websites to Save You Time and Money

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You’ve probably heard the old adage “time is money” – and nowadays, time is even more of a commodity than ever. In the digital age, everyone is looking for ways to simplify, simplify, simplify. If you want to become more productive, and earn a few extra dollars along the way, then look no further than this curated list of websites to save you time and money. Continue reading

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Bridging the Cybersecurity Gap Within the UK

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Cybersecurity is an ever-growing issue within the tech industry, and yet the UK has found itself desperately short of the professionals needed to deal with the shortfall.

Recruitment agency Indeed recently estimated that Great Britain had the second largest cybersecurity skills deficiency in the world, with less than a third (36%) of employer demand being met. Continue reading

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6 Cool Tools for Social Media Marketers

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With numerous different social media marketing tools available online and their significance to the online marketing, it can get very hard to search for the right tool which suits you best. Continue reading

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Top Tools for E-Commerce Websites

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Whether you’re new to the world of e-commerce or you’ve been running an online store for awhile, you need to know the importance of tools and software. There are many, many tools available for e-commerce sites: shopping carts, payment portals, customer portals, live chat software, and more. As coding training courses such as those offered by Austin Coding Company continue to be made available, more and more coders and designers are creating tools for e-commerce platforms. Continue reading

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Free Web Tools for Your Business

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Using technology to improve your business can lead to significant revenue and business growth results. However, having to purchase a lot of different tools and technologies can cost a lot of money. So how can you use technology to enhance your business without breaking the bank?

Many small to medium businesses are looking for ways to maximize their funds while gaining the most benefits. There are many different tools and technologies available for free that can help you in all areas of your business. Whether you are looking for online tools to help you find website building reviews or a bluehost review, tools for managing your digital marketing plan or data sharing technologies, using any of the following free tools will help your business grow.

1. Security & Protection

The first tool that every business needs is Avast. It is a free endpoint security tool that will protect your data and information. The last thing that you want is your company being at risk due to lackluster security. Avast’s free service will help protect your information and keep your business secure.

2. Data Storage

Much like protecting your data, it is important to store your data and files in a secure location. However, many of the services will give you minimal storage for free. MEGA is an excellent tool for storing your data easily across multiple platforms and devices. The best part about MEGA is that it offers 50GB of storage for free. This is significantly higher than most other storage tools on the market. This tool allows you to share your files with other users and the public, upload files from a mobile device and offers end-to-end data encryption.

3. File Sharing & Collaboration

Another tool that provides data sharing and storage for your company is Google Drive. Living up to the Google name, Google Drive is an excellent tool for allowing people to share files and folders across multiple platforms. You can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations, share with other users, allow editing access for users and store all files and folders. You can get up to 15GB of free storage with Google Drive, which is great for small businesses. If you need a little more storage, you can get it at a low monthly rate.

4. Social Media Marketing

One of the best new technologies that many businesses are taking on is social media. Marketing your company via multiple social media platforms can lead to significant improvements in customer leads, conversions and overall profitability. Creating social media profiles is completely free, but managing all of your profiles can be quite time consuming. Instead of wasting time that could be best put to use on everyday business operations, you can manage your profiles using MavSocial, which will let you manage up to two social media profiles for free in one centralized location. The features offered include content management, content planning, scheduling, video publishing and a digital content library.

Having the option of using free tools to help improve your business is extremely useful for small businesses. Using technology to manage multiple aspects of your company can help improve efficiency, increase productivity and enhance overall performance. Maximizing your funds by using free tools will help you reach your profit goals.

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