Unofficial App Brings Facebook To Google Glass

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An unofficial app has made it possible to access Facebook on Google Glass, giving early ‘Explorers’ and developers the opportunity to combine the technology with the web’s biggest social network.

The app works by presenting the Facebook interface on the Google Glass display, allowing users to interact with their profile from the headset display. With Facebook already the single most popular app used on smartphones and tablets worldwide, the unofficial app has brought Facebook to Google Glass for the first time, hinting at how the two technologies might interact in future.

Google Glass was nominated by Time Magazine as one of the best inventions of 2012, and is arguably one of the most exciting tech developments since the smartphone. While the technology is still in a developmental phase, analysts are excited by the potential of augmented reality presented through the unique on-head display.

At present Google Glass is on trial, with developers and eager consumers amongst a select batch invited to pilot the new technology. While some have been quick to criticize shortcomings in the technology, Google have stressed the potential for months and indeed years of further development in this fledgling technology.

The Glass to Facebook app enables users to browse and upload photos to the social network through their headset. However, the functionality at present remains limited, and the app still does not yet support the more advanced features of the site. The camera built in to Google Glass can be used to take photos that, when synced with your Facebook account, enable direct upload of any images.

The Glass to Facebook app also makes it possible to capture and share pictures between Facebook and phone contacts, giving Explorers an indication of how Facebook apps for Glass might look in future.

With the technology is still in its testing phase, there are no indications so far that Facebook will be launching apps to support the technology. However, most assume the development of official Facebook apps is a formality when the technology is released commercially, and the Glass to Facebook app perhaps gives some indication as to how that might eventually look. offers a multiplatform solution for those looking to develop apps. It is expected that businesses will call on companies like Simplikate to develop their apps. While the technology remains some distance from commercial availability, these are promising early signs for Google and developers alike.

Google Glass is expected to be released commercially over the course of this year, with final testing and development processes already well underway. While the initial technology is impressive, analysts are already turning their attention to apps and the enhanced features they may be able to deliver in future.

Similar to the way in which smartphone handsets have created a market for apps, Google Glass is expected to generate its own app-ware, as the platform is expanded to involve more third-party developers. Through being first in the market, Google will get a good head start on building out its marketplace.

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