Top Tennis Apps Every Fan Should Have

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With the world famous Wimbledon Tennis Championships just around the corner, it’s time to have a look at how a few apps can improve your understanding of the game. And some of them may even improve your own gameplay too!

Tennis Trakker Pro

If you’re serious about your tennis playing, then Tennis Trakker Pro is the app for you. This provides an extremely detailed statistic analysis of a player’s performance that is updated with every point scored. The app is so successful that it has now been taken up by many top-level tennis teams. And although it might be somewhat pricey, it is still the competition leader.

Coral Tennis


For those who like to add a little excitement to their enjoyment of watching a game of tennis, the Coral tennis betting site should provide more than a few thrills. By featuring live updates of tennis matches and providing the latest updated odds, it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!

Hit Tennis 3

If you want to enjoy all of the drama of playing a game of tennis without having to leave your chair, then Hit Tennis 3 provides a wonderfully lazy alternative. The app uses simple yet effective technology that mirrors the flick of your finger to the swipe of a racket. And with 24 tournaments to partake in across seven different global locations, it’ll provide more than a few hours of tennis entertainment – perfect for when rain stops play!


This handy app allows users to follow their favourite players across the variety of global tennis tournaments by providing a constantly updated display of scores and statistics from the latest matches. The ATP/WTA Live app doesn’t cover any Grand Slam tournaments, but should provide you with a staggering amount of real-time tennis information.

Tennis Agility Lite

Tennis is obviously about much more than just getting the ball over the net. It also requires intense physical effort with the average tennis player running approximately three miles per match. So in order to keep your fitness levels at optimum, then download the Tennis Agility Lite app that will improve your lateral speed and reaction times based upon a specially devised agility grid that will provide a series of taxing audio and visual cues.

Coach’s Eye

And if you’re really looking to feel like a true professional, then the Coach’s Eye app will give you a helping hand by providing a slow motion instant playback of every shot that you do. Perfect for refining that cross-court backhand!

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