Top Five Football Apps to Download this Season

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Football season is well and truly upon us and now is the time to get downloading apps to keep you up to date with stats, scores, or just distract you between games. Read our pick of the top apps on the net for getting your game on.

FourFourTwo Stats

Tired of getting your game analysis from Dave down the pub? FourFourTwo stats is the football geek friend we all wish we had with in-depth insight into all the premier league games from shot-by-shot analysis to who kept possession and who lost the plot. Use it to impress your mates over post-match beers, or channel its insight into creating the ultimate fantasy football team.


Titanbet is the app to download if you’re looking for an easy but detailed way to place your bets. Offering coverage of all the UK leagues such as the champions league as well as the major games from Europe and the rest of the world, this app is a one-stop place to not only make your bets but also keep up to date with what games are coming up and the stats on who is likely to win. Need a way to stay distracted between games? Just tap away at one of the site’s football related games such as Football League and the football themed Top Trumps.

New Star Soccer

Were you once addicted to The Sims? New Star Soccer combines all of the most compulsive elements of the game with the best parts of football. Help a young star begin their career in the world of modern football and navigate the problems of sponsorship, gambling, and of course the infamous stress of WAGs. The best part of course is the simulated games that allow you to put your new star on the map by making great goals and leading your team to victory.

Score! Classic Goals

A lot of apps promise an addictive swipe and score set up, but few do it as well as Score! Borrowing ideas from Angry Birds, this exciting game has a ranking system that means each goal must be perfectly swiped into the net before you can unlock the next set. Better yet- every goal you score is a reenactment of some of the most celebrated goals in football history. So unleash your inner Michael Owen and flex your finger as you get ready to take a fast-paced flick down memory lane.

Match Pint

We’ve all been there: in an unfamiliar city, desperately searching for a decent pub to watch the game. Match Pint alleviates the struggle of combing the streets and ending up in the most rubbish pub in the place. Instead, allow the app to guide you through the city streets via Google Maps and pick your pub based on the reviews accessed through the site.

So what are you waiting for? Get downloading and get your phone ready for football season with games, bets, and pints at the ready! Check back with us for more updates on the best football apps, sites, and games to keep you tapping.

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