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There are apps for every sphere of your life, from navigating your way through traffic to finding amazing places you’ve never been. You can read, play games and do a full yoga workout with the right apps. However, with so many available in the various app stores, knowing which ones to include in your life can sometimes be tricky.
This is our list of the top 5 apps of 2014, for all those different spheres of your life!

Fighting traffic – Sigalert
Sometimes you’re driving along merrily and you turn a corner… straight into bumper-to-bumper traffic. Wouldn’t it be nice to know where the snags are before you turn? Sigalert is one of the top traffic apps available, and provides traffic information that is updated regularly as well as an easy to use interface. Estimate your travel time, plan routes according to traffic and you’ll save yourself from plenty of traffic stress!
Restaurant guide – Zagat
One of the top restaurant guides for jet-setting iPhone users is Zagat, which is fabulous for finding great food in major cities like Tokyo, New York and Paris. The app will cost you just under $10, and will give you tons of information: reviews and ratings for all the Zagat-rated restaurants in 45 cities worldwide. If you find one you like, you can even make reservations through the app.
Reading – Kindle
If you want to read without the bother of turning pages, the free Kindle app is by far the best. Available for Android and Apple, the Kindle app gives you instant access to thousands of free books, as well as thousands more you can pay for. You don’t even need a Kindle, because the app’s functionality is so good, you may never need one.

Games – Royal Vegas
If you like playing free slot or table games, then there are a number of great apps available. The Royal Vegas app offers a suite of games, so you can test your strategy skills at blackjack or unwind with some undemanding, colourful slot games. The graphics are crisp and the functionality sleek, resulting in a fun casino experience. The app is free and available for both Apple and Android. If you want to play for real money, though, we suggest you visit Euro Palace Online Casino.

Fitness – Zombies, Run!
Going to gym can be a time-consuming exercise, but if you need a quick workout there is nothing simpler than going for a run. And if you’re being chased by zombies, you’ll run even faster! The Zombies, Run! app will cost you £2.99 and is available for Android. You don’t simply go for a run, you go on a mission to get supplies in a world overrun with zombies. The app lets you know when the zombies are onto you, which means you need to run faster. To add to the atmosphere, radio messages that play between songs. Drivers may think you’re nuts if you really get into it, but at least a run will never be boring again.

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