Top 10 Android And iOS Apps For IT Pros

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In today’s climate, businesses need to be up and running full-time. Therefore, network admins and other IT pros are charged with the difficult task of making sure servers and networks are problem-free at all hours of the day and night.

That means they need to be able to monitor and respond to issues wherever they are.

While that’s a difficult task, there are some mobile applications available to make IT pros’ lives a little easier. Here are the top Android and iOS apps available that can help with a variety of IT-related tasks:

Top Android apps for IT pros:

activedir managerActiveDir Manager ($4.99) – This apps lets IT pros remotely manage their organization’s Windows network user accounts. Possible tasks include setting passwords and undoing password lockouts, enabling or disabling users, and adjusting group memberships.




Net Ping

Net Ping (free) – This simple program lets you test server performance from anywhere by checking response times. It can also notify the user if any packets were lost and why.





wi-fi analyzerWi-Fi Analyzer (free) – IT pros looking for an easy way to test Wi-Fi networks throughout the office will want to check out this free app. The display shows each available channel and their strengths so you can pick the best channel for a new set-up and survey for rogue networks.





network mapperNetwork Mapper ($1.56) – This app provides a quick and easy way to scan a network to find any device that’s connected. It includes a portscanner to help conduct security audits and uses a MAC address database to identify devices.





javascript referenceJavaScript Reference (Free) – Web developers looking for a handy tool to help when writing Java code should check out this free app. It includes the properties and methods of all built-in JavaScript objects, all browser objects, and all HTML DOM objects, along with examples.




Top iPhone and iPad apps for IT pros

ad help desk liteAD Help Desk Lite (Free) – Similar to the ActiveDir Manager Android app listed above, this tool offers a way to remotely administer Active Directory domains. It focuses on helping IT admins solve user problem and allows tasks such as unlocking accounts, changing passwords, and editing account attributes.








server monitorServer Monitor ($0.99) – This app allows the monitoring of servers and workstations with Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD. It can show uptime, load averages, and memory status. The app also features a miniature terminal that can run non-interactive commands.









network diagnostics utility pro

Network Diagnostics Utility Pro ($5.99) – One of the most important tasks an IT pro must perform while out of the office is making sure web servers and other machines stay up and running. This app includes several tools for doing that, including ping, DNS lookup, and network and device information.









citrix receiverCitrix Receiver (Free) – For companies that run Citrix networks, this app lets IT admins and users remotely control desktops and access server-hosted applications. It’s helpful for performing remote maintenance or running desktop apps in a pinch.









spiceworksSpiceworks (Free) – The popular free network management and help desk software suite also has a companion iOS app to perform its functions remotely and on the go. Features include the ability manage inventory, monitor bandwidth, track licenses, and manage help desk tickets, as well as connect to Spicework’s community of IT pros to discuss issues and get advice.








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