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Historically, the Google Play Store has been quite restrictive in the type of apps they provide for download. Real play gambling apps have never been included which has left Android users in a jam. In an effort to bridge this gap, Cherry Rush, a new app store has been released providing these types of apps to Android users. Here they can find the best mobile gaming apps.

The Cherry Rush website at provides information about each app as well as way in which to download the Cherry Rush app for easy access. This is one app that gamers will find invaluable. Cherry Rush isn’t a laundry list of gambling apps but rather a well chosen array of the most reputable apps out there. Using their high standards, Cherry Rush has selected apps of merit. They have even gone so far as to back up their choices in well detailed reviews that their customers can access. Key information about the apps is included such as what games are being offered. This can save users a lot of time when looking for a specific game. Apps include slot machine games, table games as well as sports betting.

The Cherry Rush app is designed to aloes focus on specific casino apps. This can make it easy for someone to find a new app to try. These include sections like staff recommended apps which are the mobile casino apps that the Cherry Rush staff are currently using along with their opinions. They also back them up with facts as each app has been reviewed offering a lot of details about each app. Trending apps are also featured as well as games of the week.

If you own an Android phone and want real play gambling apps, then Cherry Rush is your new best friend. A free to use app, Cherry Rush is a powerful new tool connecting gamblers with their favourite games.

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