The Five Best Mobile Casino Apps Right Now

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For those long commutes when you’re trying to keep yourself awake, or for all that waiting in line at the supermarket – mobile games have become most people’s go-to boredom cure. Fortunately for the igaming business, apps have also reignited the popularity of classic card and casino games. Instead of dressing up for the casino on a Saturday night, millennials would rather cosy up in their own living room and play some slots on their phone. Choosing the right app is no easy task, however. The sheer number of mobile casino apps that all offer big bonuses and slick animation is staggering, but here are a few of the top-ranked for specialized games like blackjack and bingo.

Governor of Poker 3

If you rely on strategy rather than luck to win big at the casino, then poker is presumably your game of choice. The sheer variety of poker apps is staggering, so there’s guaranteed one to cater to your prefered poker variant and player style. For the more casual player who wants to combine the fun of Texas Hold’Em with great storytelling, the Wild Western-themed ‘Governor of Poker’ series is a safe bet. The focus of GoP is on immersive graphics, character role-playing and realistic poker play.  The latest installation, Governor of Poker 3, is also a great app for the less experienced poker player who wants to develop their skills, as the difficulty level can be gradually raised to match your ability as you progress in the game. Choose between different saloon settings and get to know the quirky characters of this colourful and addictive poker app. Better yet, you can now take your poker game online in GoP 3 to challenge some of its millions of active players.

Blackjack 21

Those less interested in drawn-out poker games and prefer the quick play of the timeless casino classic BlackJack, download Blackjack 21 for free and jump straight in. This is the most popular Blackjack 21 app out there, thanks to its great animation, performance tracker, hint system and play-for-free option. The app follows Vegas rules and gives players an upper hand by letting them know when the deck is shuffled. App developers Banana & Co have created a great no-frill BlackJack game that functions as great practise for when you try your hand at BlackJack at a real casino.

Heart of Vegas

If you’re a sucker for themed slots, then we foresee you spending a good deal of time playing ‘Heart of Vegas’. This app is generous with bonuses and dispenses plenty of slot coins into your account everyday. You can of course also play with real money which is especially thrilling due to the impressive jackpots. Slot themes include The Walking Dead, Cleopatra and Magic amongst many others. Get carried away with the spirit of Vegas in this comprehensive and extremely user-friendly slot app.

Bingo Blaze

Bingo’s not just for your grandma anymore. Thanks to mobile gaming, the game is making a comeback and the hugely popular Bingo Blaze app is just one example of that. One unique and appealing feature of Bingo Blaze is the many fun ‘bingo rooms’ you can unlock along with other rewards. Enter tournaments, complete challenges and play with your friends through the app’s social feature. What more could you want from this highly addictive bingo-on-the-go?

Roulette Royale

Yet another free app centered around a casino classic, Roulette Royale from Mywavia Studios offers European and American roulette simulators with a live multi-player table option. Track your success in the leaderboards, choose between odds, employ different strategies, buy virtual items and play with people from all over the world. For roulette fans, this is definitely the number one app! Doubters will receive an instant sign-up bonuses to play with so that they can see for themselves.

Lucky Day

Though not technically a casino game, the ‘Lucky Day’ app gets an honorable mention because of its huge popularity and appeal to casino fans. This app lets you partake in daily lottos and buy scratch cards with huge prizes – like an instant $10,000! Spend as much as you want, or just take advantage of the free scratch cards and contests in hope of being one of the lucky daily winners.

No matter whether you head to the slot machines or roulette tables, there’s a mobile app variant of your favourite casino game out there. Choose one with the best bonuses and strongest reviews, so you can enjoy hours of gaming with the chance of winning prizes.

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