The Biggest Tech Acquisitions In The Last Few Years

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The Biggest Tech Acquisitions In The Last Few Years

It is common these days for tech companies to look at purchasing and taking over smaller companies. There are a number of reasons for this. The smaller company might be strong in a region that the larger organisation wants to expand into, or it could be that it is the easiest way to acquire the skills and products that they want to offer. Acquisitions can often cost billions, but it is the potential returns that attract buyers as they are thinking about the long-term future of their own company.

Recent acquisitions

In 2014, BAE Systems acquired SilverSky, a company that specialises in information security and works in a number of industries such as healthcare, energy and financial services. One of the advantages to this acquisition for BAE is that it will be able to offer services that can detect cyber threats and protect critical data.

Cloud computing is one of the biggest tech industries these days, and last year software company SAP acquired Concur. One of the reasons for this is to expand the company’s customer base. Concur operates a business travel management platform. SAP is now making the move towards becoming a full service public cloud provider for businesses.

The Biggest Tech Acquisitions In The Last Few Years 2

Samsung, one of the largest electronics manufacturers in the world, acquired last year. The Korean manufacturer bought the US company for an undisclosed amount. curates the video content on different user channels and this purchase demonstrates that Samsung is developing a media platform that will allow it to compete with Apple.

Early in 2014, Vodafone UK purchased Ono in Spain for a reported €7.2 billion. Ono is a broadband and entertainment company that offers phone, TV and internet services to consumers. The deal has enabled Vodafone to strengthen mobile services in Europe, with Vodafone now in a position to offer bundled services in Spain. The deal also shows how the telecoms and media industries are converging into one.

Acquisition in education

Last year also saw the Acquisition by Charterhouse Capital Partners of Skillsoft and other subsidiaries of SSILuxco S.a.r.l. The CEO of Skillsoft, Chuck Moran, welcomed the news as it gives the company the chance to build on existing success with Charterhouse. A partner at Charterhouse, Frank van den Bosch, has said that the company will be working closely with Skillsoft management. There are no plans to change the company’s existing headquarters in Dublin or the management team. Skillsoft has made a name for itself in education, offering cloud-based systems for institutions all over the world. All teaching materials offered by the company have been developed by experts and the company has more than 6000 customers.

Tech acquisitions are set to become more common as time goes on, and will help to strengthen the position of various organisations around the world as they look to the future. Competition among companies that acquire these new skills and resources is also set to improve as firms realise that they need to move quickly to remain at the forefront of their industry.

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