The Best Apps For Updates On The Move In 2015

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For years the majority of us have been able to browse news sites on the internet while bored. What has changed in recent years is the number of apps offering to browse for us – collecting news stories from around the net to present in a cool grid.

Here we present some of the best apps for keeping up with news on the go, but be aware they may be irresistible to chronic procrastinators!

AP Mobile


The Associated Press is simply one of the world’s most respected press agencies, founded by a collaboration of New York newspapers in 1846.

The AP’s motto “where the news gets its news”, is remarkably accurate; as news bureaus all over the world pick up reports from AP writers. Within the app news stories are presented conveniently, and there are a multitude of options to filter topics and change how news is displayed. Interesting news can be saved for later and, if you choose, the app can use your location to bring you ulta local news stories.

AP is nothing special in terms of functionality, what makes it exciting is the quality and quantity of stories, from reputable and experienced reporters. Anyone who cares about getting hard news quickly needs this app!



Betsafe is an online casino powerhouse, founded by Swedish entrepreneurs back in 2000. The Betsafe mobile app allows you to track thousands of sporting events right from your phone, bet and play casino games.

Available for iOS and Android devices, Betsafe’s app is way ahead of the pack; and its sleek graphics will have you entranced in no time. You can use the app to tag events, and have match notification pushed to your home screen, or bet in play with fantastic live markets. The app is also one of the first to support real money live Poker, supporting “Blaze” cash games and tournaments; where the action comes thick and fast.

No matter what your game is, betting aficionados should check out Betsafe’s awesome app, which makes everything from mobile sports betting to playing slot games fast and fun! As an added bonus, new mobile players get a bonus of up to €100, and the site is currently running an exciting range of new player bonuses.



Thuuz is simply a gift for those that enjoy watching sport. Using a custom “excitement rating” from 1-100, the app will flag the biggest and most exciting upcoming games. What’s more, the excitement rating is affected by in-match events so, for example, a high scoring lower league game might get a higher rating than a bore 0-0 in the Premier League. You can tag games for an alert before they begin, or rely on the app to push a notification before a big clash starts!

Thuuz covers dozens of the world’s most watched sport, from NFL to cricket, tennis and football. As you use it you can tag your favourite sports, teams and players; the app will start to send you personalised headlines about your idols! Thuuz will even send you customised highlight videos, and can be used to set up automatic recording of matches through a Smart TV.



Flipboard is an aesthetically appealing news reader app, which presents your news stories as engaging “digital magazines” for mobile readers, preventing you getting stranded on non mobile sites.

Like many news reader apps, Flipboard allows you complete control over what news sources and topics are displayed. This means you could make your Flipboard very general, like a world news site, or as specific and niche as you like by finding the appropriate keywords and specialist news sites.

Although the reader app is crowded; Flipboard is certainly one of the best and has an army of loyal users.

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