The Best Apps For Gamers Now

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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

The power of our smartphones is often more than we even realise – today, our phones are becoming more synonymous with gaming than they are making calls, and with the huge catalogue of apps out there, we’re spoilt for gaming choice.

Today’s modern-day apps have to compete to make theirs better than everybody else’s, whether it’s giving away free software or offering loyalty schemes. This is particularly evident in online casino games where sums of money are exchanged – often, affiliate sites have to offer reward schemes to rake in new players, but this is just one of the methods of beating gaming competition. If you want an app that’s both exciting and innovative, here are a few of today’s best apps for gamers.

Skylanders Trap Team

This has to be named first because it is quite simply the most epic – requiring 2.5GB of free space, Skylanders Trap Team is more akin to a turn-of-the-century PC game than an app, but it’s totally worth it for the game itself. Available on Android, the game involves battling monsters and comes with its own joypad and tablet stand, perfect for kids and adults. If you’re a serious smartphone or tablet gamer, this one is definitely for you.

New Words with Friends

One of the older games in the Google Play offering, New Words with Friends is always developing, and at five years old, the newest version packs more features than ever before. This latest offering is separate from publisher Zynga, and offers enhanced ways of finding opponents, while giving you more game play stats and a dictionary to find the highest-scoring words.

Smash Hit

iPhone fans will love Smash Hit, which is widely regarded as one of the best first-person shooter games out there. Guide your player around as you try to shoot obstacles with giant marbles – there’s nothing more satisfying than watching those translucent shards shatter as you pull the trigger. It has amazing graphics and most importantly, will cost you nothing.

Only One

For a step back into the retro, Only One uses 8-bit graphics and lets you brawl around clifftops while fighting off enemies with just a sword. The combat is simple, though it requires a few tactics here and there, and you can also take joy in pushing your enemies off the cliff. If nothing else, it provides a few laughs and a nostalgic look back at games of yore.

Grand Theft Auto Series

Apple fans are having a hard time catching up with the GTA games as the Mac hasn’t even got its own version of GTA 4 yet, but if you can appreciate the older games, then Grand Theft Auto for iPad is perfect for you. Touch screens are wonderfully optimised for shooting in GTA 3, so if you can’t afford a console, these throwback games will make sure you get your target practice fix.


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