Cool Things to do with Your Smartphone Camera

Smartphone camera street photography review

Most phones these days are equipped with amazing cameras that take photographs or record the world around us with crystal clarity. The vast quantities of content being created on smart devices can be overwhelming, from family pictures to funny moments occurring throughout the city, mobile phones got us closer to everyday happenings and allowed us to share our ideas throughout the internet. But there are other interesting uses for your phone camera and you can make the most out of your cell phone by pairing it with cellular accessories or using your camera in one of the following ways.

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What is 4G LTE?

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When 3G networks began rolling out, they replaced the erstwhile 2G system, a network protocol that only supported the most basic smartphone functionalities when it comes to calls. With the advent of 3G, a number of larger data formats became freely accessible, including HTML pages, videos, and music. The speeds were still pretty slow, and required pages and data specially formatted for these slower wireless connections, but it was faster than its predecessor, 2g.

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Telecom Operators in India

One of the fastest growing mobile phone markets in the world today is India. The telecom industry is booming & has been attracting large investments. As of March 2016, India has 1.033 Billion subscribers in total or 81.83% penetration rate. Airtel has over 250 million subscribers and Vodafone has almost 200 million subscribers. Idea and Reliance Communications are in the third & fourth places with 175 million & over a 100 million subscribers respectively.

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Streaming Map Reveals What States Care About in 2016

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Streaming has become very revealing, at least in a social sense.  With big data collection moving full speed ahead, it is easier than ever to collect information on the events that you care about with streaming data or even simply data collected from Google. Frontier recently created an interactive map on the most streamed events by state in 2016 and the results are somewhat surprising.

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Why Every Business App Needs the Geofencing Feature

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The numbers paint a very, very clear picture for business owners, regardless of the size of their business or even the industry they are in – mobile marketing is a must. With ever-increasing percentages of users who check the web exclusively or at least predominantly on their mobile devices, it is something no smart business owner can afford to ignore.

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