Streaming Map Reveals What States Care About in 2016

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Streaming has become very revealing, at least in a social sense.  With big data collection moving full speed ahead, it is easier than ever to collect information on the events that you care about with streaming data or even simply data collected from Google. Frontier recently created an interactive map on the most streamed events by state in 2016 and the results are somewhat surprising.

The nation appears to have strong emotions when it comes to the upcoming election, however the streaming data begs to differ.  The only two states that streamed the debates were Vermont and Maine.  Bernie Sanders is from Vermont so it is easy to understand their interest in the Democratic debate but Maine, a traditionally Democratic state, was streaming the Republican debate the most this year.  It will be interesting to see if this blue state votes red this year.

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Many states seemed to stream their stereotypical famous event such as California streaming Coachella, Florida Streaming the Daytona 500 and Kentucky streaming the Kentucky Derby.  Although many states fell under a streaming stereotype, there were a good number who seemed to have state envy.  Georgia lived vicariously through their Florida neighbors by streaming the Daytona 500, New Yorkers seem to be closet geeks by taking advantage of Comic Con’s new streaming feature and Illinois was looking for a taste of Beyonce’s Lemonade.

The most streamed events of 2016 were the NBA finals, March Madness, UFC Championship fights and Game of Thrones episodes.  Streaming has made our favorite events insanely accessible but it has also allowed us to see how much we lack in diversity.  Although we have our outlier states taking control and picking up an interest other than sporting events or streaming the most pirated show on the internet (Game of Thrones), we could clearly step up our game.

Map and Data courtesy of West.Frontier.Com.

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