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Download a sports app to your smartphone and you can be up to date with the latest scores, schedules and news for your favorite sport at all times. Most sports apps allow you to select your favorite teams, and set up custom alerts, as well as providing a stream of sports news as it breaks, to keep you up to date on scores, highlights and fantasy statistics. The following sports apps are among the best free apps for Android and iOS.

ESPN SportsCenter

The new ESPN SportsCenter app is an updated version of the popular ScoreCenter app. With the power of the ESPN newsroom behind it, ESPN SportsCenter for Android and iOS provides the latest scores and updates on the games being played. Notifications can be configured to your own preferences, so the sports news sent directly to you is relevant to your favorite teams, franchises and athletes. You can receive notifications for kick-off, the score, substitutions, the final whistle or breaking news. There is also video content for you to watch while on the move. ESPN SportsCenter is integrated with Twitter for a social perspective on the sports news (and gossip) as it breaks.

CBS Sports

Watch live streaming for NCAA Basketball or the PGA Tour, among other sporting events, with CBS Sports for Android and iOS. This free sports app can provide score updates personalized to your taste, as well as expert analysis and access to on-demand videos of game highlights. The downside is that CBS Sports does have in-app advertising. A highlight of this app is that CBS Sports has a scoreboard that shows you all the action in one place, so you can follow up to eight games on one screen. CBS Sports is great for getting the scores, stats, and news; push notifications and Tweets for your favorite team.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is a dedicated sports news app that provides all the latest news and scores for your favorite sports, as well as detailed statistics. A benefit of this app is that you can use a Yahoo account to sign in, and you can then sync your customizations across your devices. Yahoo Sports is for Android and iOS and has no in-app advertising. Notifications are customizable, so you can set alerts for the start of the game, the score and close-game situations if you wish. If Formula One is a sport that you follow, you might want to read this article in which Max Mosley answers questions on Sky Sports.

Thuuz Sports

Thuuz Sports for Android and iOS is a bit different to other sports apps in that it rates upcoming and ongoing fantasy baseball and football games on an excitement scale of 0 to 100. This is a real bonus as it helps you to decide which games to watch. You can choose which of your favorite teams and leagues you want to follow, and receive notifications for them; the app sends an alert when the games are starting. Fantasy football and baseball fans can import their teams to the app and track player notifications through the feed. As you can set alerts for specific players, you can quickly see how your fantasy football team is faring from game to game as your player becomes injured, or scores.

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