Predictions Of Advanced Features In iPhone 6

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iphone 6

Technology advancements introduce several generation mobiles in the mobile world. Latest development in technology gives birth to iPhone 5. Although the iPhone 5 is yet to be announced, all the mobile lovers are seeking the features of 6th generation iPhone which is called as iPhone 6. Fans are started to look over the predictions and features of iPhone 6 over web. Let have a look over the predictions about the Apple iPhone 6. Most expecting predicted feature of iPhone 6 is about its design and shape of the mobile body. Apple decided to make the future versions of iPhone body through single piece of metal. As the iPhone body is designed from a single metal piece, the body of the iPhone will be thinner and much lighter than the previous versions. It also decided to include contemporary designs with sides rounded. As much advancement is introduced in displays, Apple planned to add p-Si LCD screen.

The major advantage of this poly-silicon LCD is that the driver circuit of the display is directly integrated with the display. Also as the screen is thinner, it consumes low battery power than the previous LCD technologies. In iPhone 6 version, there is a possibility of in-built projector design which projects images and videos within short distance. Apple has undergone an experiment to introduce wireless charging technique in iPhone 6. With the method of inductive charging, the device can use the electromagnetic rays to charge the device wirelessly. Apple also planned to extend the storage capacity up to 128GB. Along with the above features, iPhone 6 version has multitasking, high resolution video recording and so on. The above are the predicted features of iPhone 6 version which are eagerly expecting by the fans.

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