Pop On – Effective Language Learning For Mobile

The language education industry has embraced the use of digital technology in recent years in order to seamlessly connect tutor and student. Household name services such as Skype and Google Hangouts have enabled many tutors to work location independently while students no longer have to rely on a attending a physical language school. But developers have more recently looked to mobile applications as an aid to remote learning.

Pop On, developed by Shanghai Wordoor Technology Co. Ltd, is one of the leading such apps on the market. Originally aimed at the Chinese Learning English as a Foreign Language market, the application has now been expanded to support Mandarin, Korean and Russian as well as several European languages. Pop On benefits from advanced functionality and a graphical user interface has drawn praise from the wider industry. The ease with which students can navigate the app has been key to its success.

At any one time there may be 400-600 tutors logged in with a similar number of students reviewing their profiles. Students can request a regular tutor from a database of experienced native speaking language instructors that have undergone Pop On’s stringent verification process. As with regular online language instruction, Pop On offers a pre-pay service where students pay in advance for a series of classes. Tutors can upload their profiles, qualifications and hourly rate to the app for students to browse using the simple interface. Students can specify the language skill in which they require tuition, (such as reading, writing, speaking or listening), or even request tutor support with exam preparation.

Chat Pal is a charged by the minute service offering a more casual form of tuition for students, giving them immediate access to native language speakers who want to help others learn their language through informal practice and communication. A practical example of this would be a student on vacation in a foreign city requiring help with a certain phrase. They could quite easily ‘Pop on’ the app and select a Chat Pal to assist them.

Pop On has grown in functionality in recent months resulting in a surge in popularity. It is truly revolutionising the industry and the way that people learn and teach in the modern world. My personal experience of the application as a tutor has been second to none. I can now connect with my students from a location of my choosing and convenience, making my daily commute a thing of the past.

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