Why Apps Aren’t Actually Out of Your Budget

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The world has changed a lot in just a few years, hasn’t it? Think back to just 20 years ago: how many people, for example, had a mobile phone? Or, how many homes had their own computer or laptop? Furthermore, the tablet computer was just an idea in someone’s head, whereas now it’s almost ubiquitous! However we look at it, the biggest changes in our lives have come about thanks in no small way to the development of digital communication and associated devices. Just a few years ago, it would have cost me a lot of money to communicate by phone with friends in Australia; now, I can do so for free from my laptop or smartphone. Continue reading

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Best Social Media Apps for Digital Marketers

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With today’s technology, digital marketers are shifting their attention to mobile marketing. More users are now choosing mobile applications over the traditional media. As the market trend continuously evolves, companies are more inclined to create compelling campaigns to reach their customers. Continue reading

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6 Cool Tools for Social Media Marketers


With numerous different social media marketing tools available online and their significance to the online marketing, it can get very hard to search for the right tool which suits you best. Continue reading

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6 Top Apps For Killing Time

apps for killing time

If you are stuck for something to do, what do you do? Most of us would opt immediately for checking our phones. But once you’ve read your Instagram notifications, posted a silly selfie on Snapchat, and answered your text, what can you do? Download these 6 apps and you will never be short for a way to kill time again. Continue reading

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How Is Your Phone Tracking You?

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Believe it or not, right now your phone is tracking your location. It may not be quite Big Brother, but your phone is tracking your every move. It knows where you live and where you work, based on the amount of time you spend there and how many trips you make. Continue reading

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