4G Internet And The Future Of Wireless Data For Businesses And Consumers

Across the world, wireless network operators continue to view data as a substantial income revenue source for their businesses. They know that unlike voice, data consumption depends on many things and this makes it easy for them to scale up average usage volumes per user. One way of doing this is by giving subscribers fast internet access so that they can consume the same amount of data faster and demand more data. The latest trend for telecoms across the world has been the introduction of 4G internet.

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How Skype Has Changed How We Communicate


Throughout history, emailing, cell phone calls, and postcards have been considered as the only way for communication. Those who would travel abroad would find it difficult to actually call family because of expensive international phone calls, relying on emailing and YouTube videos as a way to connect. In today’s generation, people never have difficulties talking with others in real time because of Skype. This single tool has been available since the first couple of years in the 2000’s. However, it wasn’t more public until 2008 and beyond. At first, it was used solely for business purposes, but it is becoming the tool to connect families and friends who travel travel.

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Why Gmail is Beneficial for Businesses

Benefits of Gmail for Business

One of the core functions of your business is to communicate with customers about new products and updates to existing ones. Email represents a platform that has been around for a long time whose effectiveness has been proven. Google provides several tools for a start-up business, one of the best being Gmail. So why should you use this application in your business? Let us look at some of these reasons.

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The 5 Fitness Apps Fanatics Can’t Live Without

Top 5 fitness apps

There are a lot of fitness apps out there, but only a few are tried and tested favourites in the fitness community. This list contains only those ‘can’t do without’ apps that make working out an easier and more educational experience.

Good Food Near You

This is restaurant-finding app with a twist. It scans your surroundings for the healthiest menu options near you, making eating out a much healthier experience. With this simple app installed on your phone, there’s no excuse for grabbing an unhealthy food choice when you’re out.

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Latest News And Rumors On The iPad 5

iPad 5

After Apple fans heard the unexpected announcement of the new iPad 4 release on an Apple 2012 event, an expert soon predicted how Apple will likely soon release a lighter and thinner 5th generation version. Through Apple’s October 2012 event, they announced a number of new and improved products such as the iPad mini and the iPad’s fourth generations. However, according to Ming-Chi who’s an analyst for the KGI Securities, those new items may not be enough for them to compete with Microsoft’s latest Surface tablet. Therefore, rumors have been speculating that Apple quickly gained the urge to launch their latest iPad version sooner than its original release date.

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