Virtual Offices and Working Online

Virtual Offices and Working Online

Business, entrepreneurs, and motivated workers are learning that the traditional office environment is becoming a thing of the past, being supplanted by a new type of commerce in “virtual offices.” Essentially, a virtual office is a full-fledged working environment based predominantly online. Virtual offices don’t exist in one physical location per se but have a broader reach and functionality, which brick-and-mortar offices of the 20th century lack. Nowadays, businesses are looking for ways to scale down costs and increase their efficiency to compete in a global market. Virtual offices are the answer.

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Stock Trading with Artificial Intelligence

Stock Trading with Artificial Intelligence

Silicon Valley’s artificial intelligence (AI) tech is seeping into global stock markets. The use of AI in managing has become one of the biggest trends in managing investment portfolios and picking winning stocks. While large companies have been using AI for years to mine massive amounts of data (including not only stock performance, but also social media trends, corporate commentary, credit card trends, consumer behavior, etc.), the advent and proliferation of AI-based tech has set global stock markets in a new era.

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Ten Websites to Save You Time and Money

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You’ve probably heard the old adage “time is money” – and nowadays, time is even more of a commodity than ever. In the digital age, everyone is looking for ways to simplify, simplify, simplify. If you want to become more productive, and earn a few extra dollars along the way, then look no further than this curated list of websites to save you time and money.

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The Five Best Mobile Casino Apps Right Now


For those long commutes when you’re trying to keep yourself awake, or for all that waiting in line at the supermarket – mobile games have become most people’s go-to boredom cure. Fortunately for the igaming business, apps have also reignited the popularity of classic card and casino games. Instead of dressing up for the casino on a Saturday night, millennials would rather cosy up in their own living room and play some slots on their phone.

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The One App All Gamers Need


Historically, the Google Play Store has been quite restrictive in the type of apps they provide for download. Real play gambling apps have never been included which has left Android users in a jam. In an effort to bridge this gap, Cherry Rush, a new app store has been released providing these types of apps to Android users. Here they can find the best mobile gaming apps.

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