Pop On – Effective Language Learning For Mobile

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The language education industry has embraced the use of digital technology in recent years in order to seamlessly connect tutor and student. Household name services such as Skype and Google Hangouts have enabled many tutors to work location independently while students no longer have to rely on a attending a physical language school. But developers have more recently looked to mobile applications as an aid to remote learning. Continue reading

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Save Paper With Digital Alternatives

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We are living in a time when it is more and more important for us to be eco-conscious. So much damage has already been done that we now have to take decisive action to take care of our planet. One of the big things that you can do in order to make a difference is to start using less paper. Here are some digital alternatives that you can try so as to avoid cutting down more trees. Continue reading

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Super Mario Run Review

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A dark cloud is gathering over the colourful land of Nintendo. The gaming giant has been steadily losing ground to Sony and Microsoft with a long decline in revenue and earnings. The Wii aside, every Nintendo machine since the Gamecube suffered poor sales and an abysmal lack of 3rd party support. If it wasn’t for the fact they make money on each console sold (unlike Sony and MS) and have die-hard fans that religiously lap up each new release, they could have gone out of business by now. Continue reading

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Top Tools for E-Commerce Websites

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Whether you’re new to the world of e-commerce or you’ve been running an online store for awhile, you need to know the importance of tools and software. There are many, many tools available for e-commerce sites: shopping carts, payment portals, customer portals, live chat software, and more. As coding training courses such as those offered by Austin Coding Company continue to be made available, more and more coders and designers are creating tools for e-commerce platforms. Continue reading

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Free For 5 Days

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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is strongly criticized since its release and is struggling to convince a part of the players. Activision obviously wants to reverse the trend by proposing a complete version of the game which will be free from 15 to 20 December as part of its month this season. Continue reading

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