MSM Big Night In With The Last of Us Game

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So we’ve entered Moneysupermarkets big night in competition! Where they give you £50 to spend on what ever you want to have a great night in. Sounds good hey?

Well we went ahead and spent a night in with a fairly new release “The Last Of Us” PS3 game. To be honest it was more of a all night / morning thing with lots of pizza and a few cold beers.

If your into The Walking Dead you’ll love The Last Of Us. The game is all about a disease which has turned people into zombies. The idea of the game is to survive at all odds. The main character you take over is a father of a daughter who you need to protect. If your a jumpy person this game might not be for you.

Check out some of the game play below.

Lastly a big thanks to Moneysupermarket for an awesome night!

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