Modern Day Business: The Importance of being Online

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Emin Milli at Internet Freedom Fellows Press Conference at UNIn a world where almost everyone is online, the vast majority of businesses can be found on the internet too. However, not every one has an online presence yet. For yours to be successful, it is vital to have a strong and cohesive online presence so read these tips to find out exactly why.

Your business must be visible

Having an online presence is not as simple as just having a single web page advertising your service. This probably will not benefit you. What you must do is make sure that your company has a clear concept so that people know what you are selling or providing as well as SEO to link keywords with your company on search engines.

This is vital for drawing in new customers. Then, when they get there, they must be able to find what they want with easy navigation.

Social interaction

Interacting with your target market is key to growing a business and keeping existing customers. Not only can you respond to queries and suggestions for the rest of the internet to see but used intelligently you can increase interest in your company by using these tools for advertising.

Particularly important is Twitter, where talk of your company can increase like a snowball.

Online accounting

It is not only in terms of customers where the internet can benefit your company. Online accounting software allows you to keep track of the company’s incomings and outgoings without running the risk of losing important papers.

With Sage One you can even set up payments to your staff on a regular basis, which reduces the stress of that each and every month and their new Accounts Extra programme is tailored to a great range of individuals. This includes owners and MDs as well as part-owners, team leaders and even external accountants who want to collaborate with their clients to make them compliant.

Marketing potential

Particularly for a small business, online marketing is a very powerful tool. It is a very inexpensive way to reach a lot of people at one time to make them aware of upcoming deals, offers to return as a customer or a new product available.

However, it must be done correctly.

Your company could even lose credibility with a poorly formatted email that appears to have no point. If you use one of several email marketing programs available you can create excellent emails that serve a purpose and can link back to your site through search engines with a static page.

You can reach further

This is arguably the most important aspect of having a good online presence. If you just had a shop in the high street you might have a good base of existing customers, but people from the next town over might not even know of you.

If you have a service that can benefit people worldwide, having an online presence will ensure that you can tap into this area which will increase your market significantly.

You have to weigh this up depending on your type of business of course, but the potential will be there to reach the world.

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