Making The Most Of The A7 Processor On Your iPhone

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The release of the new Iphone 5s is exciting news for those of us who want more from our phones. The 5s model is the only phone available which has the new A7 processor. This little chip does a lot more than we’ve ever been able to do on our phones before and is a significant leap even from the previous Iphone 5 and Iphone. The chip boasts a dual-core CPU chip meaning that it is faster than before, and the increased graphics potential means that games can be of a higher quality then ever and mean your phone pictures can be edited and of such a level that you’ll think you spent hours editing them.

A spokesperson from said: “ As the new IPhone 5s and 5C are out, it is important to know that their internal hardware has been sped up quite substantially to make the new phones work well with the latest version of IOS and allow a whole new generation of more powerful apps to be produced”.

App designers have already caught onto the hype and have redeveloped their apps so that they can work at a much higher standard and can do more than was possible before, and it’s not just games; here are some of the apps that you’ll love with your new Iphone 5s:

Argus – this activity tracker can be used all day without being a big strain to your battery life. It uses the phones motion co-processor meaning that it can track your steps and activity all day without putting a strain on the processor itself.

Infinity blade III – already one of the most popular games on the Iphone but the new A7 processor means that the graphics are clearer and more realistic and the developers have been able to improve loading times too.

Pixlr Express PLUS – The makers of this app are already widely known for their professional software, but now that they are able to take full advantage of the new processor on the 5s the app makes it seem as though your editing your pictures on your PC. From basics like removing red-eye to sharpening tools, you’ll be able to upload beautiful pictures without having to move images around.

Djay 2 for Iphone – This app makes become a DJ accessible. You can utilise music already on your Iphone and mix, spin and mashup to your heart’s content! It even has a Harmonic Match to detect pith so you can match one song with others from your librbary.

Total Conquest – This strategy game has been updated to make use of the A7 graphics. The surroundings become more interactive and alter depending upon your perspective so you can feel more involved in the game than ever.

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