Latest News And Rumors On The iPad 5

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iPad 5

After Apple fans heard the unexpected announcement of the new iPad 4 release on an Apple 2012 event, an expert soon predicted how Apple will likely soon release a lighter and thinner 5th generation version. Through Apple’s October 2012 event, they announced a number of new and improved products such as the iPad mini and the iPad’s fourth generations. However, according to Ming-Chi who’s an analyst for the KGI Securities, those new items may not be enough for them to compete with Microsoft’s latest Surface tablet. Therefore, rumors have been speculating that Apple quickly gained the urge to launch their latest iPad version sooner than its original release date.

Latest News And Rumors On The iPad 5

There have been rumors that Apple hasn’t even made their 5th generation iPad yet, but according to inside source of Apple, they are likely going to release the product in the middle of 2013. Apple has been moving toward a bi-annual refreshing schedule for their new iPad ensuring avid fans for an updated and improved version. Considering the 4th generation of the iPad is within the same thickness, weight, and price point to its predecessor, it is very possible for Apple to be looking to create a much slimmer version. The iPad 4 only had a few new features to its predecessor, so Apple is really trying to place a ton of new features in their latest version.

Ming-Chi Kuo expects for Apple to add in the “GF DITO” touchscreen technology feature to the speculative 5th version. GF2 is already a feature in the iPad mini, which basically allows it to 23% thinner and 53% lighter than the older and bigger previous version. On December 14, Macworld stated a report with Digitimes that claimed that Apple will minimize the weight of their new iPad by using an LED light bar opposed to the two which are found inside the latest iPad. Macworld points out how this could also mean that would consume a bit less power that could possibly run it on a thinner and smaller battery pack.

Lastly, it was even mentioned that the “iPhone Math” feature detailed in this report stating that it may have a bizarre rumored name due to the mistranslation. It was then suggested to Horwitz how the test device that has certain features such as a 4.7-inch screen, can instead be known for being the “iPhone +” which is a device that could possibly not even make it on the market. However, it was characterized from an Apple insider that it is still just their “plan B” which is supposed to compete against the Android handsets.

Well, it may be a lot smaller compared to the iPad 4, but it can only be possibly if its uses in portrait orientation, a picture of a 9.7″ screen that has a virtually no right or left bezels, and only minimum space below and above the screen for it to actually accommodate its mandatory camera with Home Button elements. On top of that, it is also noticeably thinner, so it is very safe to say that the iPad 5 will most definitely be a lot smaller in size in every single dimension compared to its predecessors.

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