Keep Your Phone In Mint Condition With An Exclusive Smartphone Skin

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smartphone caseYou have a phone that you love, but it just doesn’t express who you are as well as it could. With the new exclusive smartphone skins on the market, you can customize your phone to express your personality while protecting it from scratches and wear from daily use. The use of superior grade, Official 3M Vinyl shows the company’s commitment to value and quality. These skins also offer the most precise fit available on the market today. Not only is there a vast array of colours to suit your personality, there are true textures available for each device.

For example, take the carbon fiber skins; they feature a “weave” that has 9 small ridges that can be felt and seen as the light reflects off of each of ridge to truly mimic the properties of real carbon fiber. These are not simply cool graphics printed on slick vinyl; they are manufactured right into the skin. The other textures that are available are also made with the same quality. These textures will improve the overall grip of the phone, further protecting your investment. Since quality 3M vinyl is used, you will not have to worry about a messy, sticky residue to clean off if you remove the skin. The quality materials that make up your exclusive smartphone skin are designed specifically designed to ensure that they come off smoothly and effortlessly.

While using exclusive smartphone skins will certainly make your phone more attractive, it will also ensure that you get top dollar out of your phone when you decide to upgrade. Just like everything else that you sell used, a scratch-free, well-cared for smartphone will bring much more money than a scratched up, heavily used looking phone will. And since you are improving your grip with a textured skin, you will be less likely to drop the phone.

It is clear that purchasing a skin is a wise investment to protect your smartphone. Smartphones have become such an integral part of who we are that we often identify ourselves by the phone that we carry. Your smartphone should reflect who you are, and what better way to do that than to customize the look and feel of your phone. Once you choose a texture and colour that suits your lifestyle, you can ensure that it is well protected while keeping it in mint condition.

Technology blogger Justin Parklawn writes about the different ways smartphone users can protect their device. If you are looking to buy Nexus 7 skins online, Justin suggests purchasing one of the many high quality protective dbrand smartphone skins.

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