How We’re Using Apps To Run Our Lives

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Next time you go to leave the house, think about what you’re taking with you – your keys, your wallet, and your mobile phone. It seems unheard of nowadays to go anywhere without a mobile phone and some may even go as far to say we depend on them – with the range of apps available to us however, it’s no wonder that smartphones are becoming the new Filofax.

The new to-do list

For those smartphone users whose lives are more chaotic than a superhero’s, apps like Wunderlist are helping us to keep our daily schedules in order. Gone is the diary or aforementioned Filofax – we can write to-do lists without even having to reach for a pen and paper. The beauty of apps of course is that they can interact with other users, and in particular, Wunderlist can help users to plan their lives around each other – perfect for working parents.

Becoming i-Fit

Looking after our health can be a worry for everybody, particularly where diet and fitness are concerned. Thankfully, the answer to our troubles can be found at the touch of a button, with fitness apps like Argus giving us the opportunity to track our daily movement, calorie intake and more. What’s more, for those who aren’t sure of what to eat to stay healthy, there is also a wealth of apps out there with nutritious recipes to help us lose those extra pounds.

Gamers’ paradise

Addictive games such as Flappy Bird were not lost on the smartphone users of today – the hysteria was so much that creator Dong Nguyen removed the game from the App Store after receiving death threats for the app’s needlessly frustrating game play.

But thumb happy gamers aren’t just getting thrills from angry or flappy birds – the online casino industry was reported to have made £2 billion in 2013. Games like https://online have proven a worthy alternative to going out and gambling, giving gamers the added advantage of being able to play for free. With more and more smartphone friendly sites and apps, it’s an industry that’s going to keep growing and change the way we play forever.

Finding love

Whatever happened to noticing an attractive potential other half from across the bar? Along came apps like Tinder, to take away the social awkwardness of approaching somebody in public. With online dating seeing a huge surge in popularity in recent years, apps which get straight to the point are a welcome change to today’s nervous singletons – after all, it’s much easier to swipe someone away than have to awkwardly talk your way out of a date.

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