Super Mario Run Review


A dark cloud is gathering over the colourful land of Nintendo. The gaming giant has been steadily losing ground to Sony and Microsoft with a long decline in revenue and earnings. The Wii aside, every Nintendo machine since the Gamecube suffered poor sales and an abysmal lack of 3rd party support. If it wasn’t for the fact they make money on each console sold (unlike Sony and MS) and have die-hard fans that religiously lap up each new release, they could have gone out of business by now.

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6 Mobile Games You Need To Download


Over the summer we were all talking about Pokemon Go. Now that the hubbub has died down, there are a lot of other great games out there which deserve a slice of the attention. Mobile is a developing field and the offerings just keep getting better. These 6 mobile games absolutely have to be on your download list.

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Best Android Apps for Classic Tabletop Games

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Candy Crush or Temple Run can get old after a while. Sometimes, what you crave most is a good old-fashioned and classic strategy game with which to kill the time. Tabletops-turned-apps are a great way to revisit your childhood and stimulate the mind. Take a break and perfect your technique with one of these free board game app adaptations – most of which offer great twists to the classic variations!

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Native Apps vs. Mobile Browser Games: Which One is Better?

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While end users are not necessarily aware of it, there is a debate going on between the developers delivering their apps to various mobile platforms. Some say native apps are the only viable option, making good use of the hardware of the phone. Other prefer web apps, mostly because they are easier to deploy, need no updates to be downloaded, and are cross-platform, running on any device with a browser supporting web standards. As usual, the truth is somewhere in between.

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