Four Of The Best-Selling And Most Popular Gadgets And Products Of 2014/2015

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11" MacBook Air compared to iPad

Let’s face it, with all of the advances in technology over the last few years, being a self-confessed tech-head that is absolutely obsessed with gadgets has never been better. If you’re into your gadgets and your boy’s toys so to speak, then you will absolutely be in your element if you do a little shopping around. The great thing about gadgets and technology is that there are so many options to choose from. You can have small, affordable, and simple products such as apps or nifty key rings perhaps, or you could have something as sophisticated and hi-tech as a fantastically engineered sports car, and everything in-between. If you have a passion for technology then here’s a look at four of the best selling and most popular gadgets and products of 2014/2015 thus far.


The BMW X1 is one of the most popular cars of 2014 and it is quickly becoming one of the most sought after. BMW cars are manufactured with the world famous precision German engineering so you know that they’re guaranteed to last a lifetime. The X1 is absolutely superb as it features SAV proportions, is available in a sport’s model, and has been designed to offer incredibly low fuel consumption too. Be sure to keep a watch out for news cars by BMW in 2015.

Sigalert app

Staying with the driving theme, although drastically lower in price we have the Sigalert app that has been especially designed to help people get to their destinations quickly and safely without hitting traffic or other obstructions. The app provides regular traffic updates and features an incredibly easy to operate user interface. It can provide you with an ETA and can plan routes designed to miss traffic and heavy congestion.

iPad Air

Tablet devices are becoming more and more popular every single day, and the iPad air is quickly becoming one of the most popular and best selling devices out there. The iPad air is jam packed full of features including 9.7 inch retina display, an all new design, an ultra quick and ultra efficient A7 chip, 10 hours of battery life, ultra quick wireless connectivity, access to over 500,000 apps on the app store, and much more on top of that. It is also lighter than light and could very well force laptops out of the picture for good.

Macbook Pro

The Macbook Pro is one of the most popular computer based devices ever created and when it comes to computers, laptops, tablets etc, it is incredibly tough to beat. The newest version, released mid 2014, comes with a 13 and a 15 inch display options, a complex retina display, a stylish design, a dual core Intel i5 processor and MAC OS X Mavericks. If you’re on the lookout for a laptop or computer device, this is the product for you.

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