Five Reasons to Get Rid of Your Computer Games

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Although computer games are very popular, there are many reasons why they aren’t necessarily good for you or your life. You may already be thinking about getting rid of your computer games – perhaps you feel that you have grown out of playing them or they just aren’t as exciting anymore. Then again, you may not even want to consider being without your video games! Perhaps the five points in this article will change your mind…

1) Computer games are not real life

Although playing a computer game may seem like it is taking over your life, the fact of the matter is that they aren’t real life in any way, shape or form. In fact, video games actively rob you of the real life experiences that you should be getting. Instead of meeting new people, seeing new different places and learning about the real world, you’re instead sitting in front of a TV staring at screenshots and images created by the game.

2) Computer games are expensive

For all of this completely fake experience, you’re going to be paying a massive premium for it. Regular gamers often spend hundreds of pounds a month on new titles, with the latest releases often costing between £40-£50 on the most popular consoles. When you think that this cash could be put towards something like saving for the future, it is certainly a lot for a ‘fad’ in someone’s life.

3) Computer games are addictive

Being a gamer can get to the point where you become completely addicted to your hobby. It takes over your life – it becomes all you think about and all you want to do. You think about it during the day and plan to get straight onto the console when you arrive home at night. They may also spend the time when they are not playing a game reading about them in magazines or online, and participating on forums to chat with other like-minded people. For advice on gaming addiction check out this site.

4) Computer games distract you from more important things

Due to the addiction they cause, computer games can cause those who play them to forget about some of the more important, real-life things they need to do. Distracted from attending doctor’s appointments, paying bills, tidying the house, even getting that all important sleep every night – all things which can be sacrificed for the passion of being a gamer.

5) Computer games can damage human relationships

Whether it be existing relationships – for example one half of a couple neglecting the time they spend with the other due to their game playing habits, or whether it’s damaging the formation of future relationships – e.g. by not going out with new friends or on dates, spending the majority of your spare time playing computer games can be detrimental to the interaction with other human beings.

Nicholas Dawson is a psychologist who specialises in addiction and human interaction. He urges people to get rid of old computer games when they have an addiction to them in order to improve their real life experiences.

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