Fast and Furious: 4G networks

4g iphone

As humans we are never satisfied with anything, take mobile phones for instance, when it came out the phone was huge and heavy, but now the device is miniscule performing a ton of functions and we are still craving for something better. To give you a better perspective, there are more than 2 billion smartphone users in the world, that is a real big number as the global population is 7.4 billion. All of this within 2 decades of the advent of mobile phones, this makes you wonder the efficiency of this miniscule device and the assistance it provides us to perform our daily activities.

Vital to smartphones are mobile data also know as mobile Internet. The Internet is what makes your phones smart and propels its ability to perform tasks faster and efficiently. There are several apps that will cease to function if your phone is not connected to the Internet. It all began with 1G where the Internet was super slow but smartphones were also not invented back then. We then moved to 2G with certain phones now capable of utilizing the complete potential of Internet connection and with smartphones now available we needed something even faster. So we welcomed 3G, which was groundbreaking as it was pretty fast and could perform tasks flawlessly. But as mentioned before humans are insatiable and the smartphones had now become a mini computer, that could advise, communicate, navigate, and entertain their human masters. And this marked the arrival of 4G, a technology that could deliver up to 100 mbps of download speeds and can outperform even your home Internet speeds. Although it was introduced in India a bit later than its global counterparts, it is a massive hit in the country. 4G services in India have flourished and the network providers are selling 4G services cheaper than 3G.

This has increased the connectivity in the country and made performing HD voice and video calls flawless. With a country with over 200 million of smartphone users, one can only imagine what 4G networks in India can achieve. The future definitely looks bright for the millions of subscribers of the country as increase in speed and connectivity will help several businesses flourish, which is great for the overall economic growth of the country.

With all of this advancement in technology taking place we can only imagine what the future holds for us. What will 5G be like and what speeds will it deliver?

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