Facebook’s Graph Search: Easy Tool To Search Facebook Information

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Facebook Graph Search

Best social networking website which keeps all the friends keep in touch is facebook. Facebook is a social network where a person can share everything what he/she thinks. As the usage of facebook becomes an integral part of life, most of the mobile companies planned to integrate facebook on mobiles. Hence, nowadays people can access facebook anywhere in the world with the help of mobile. All can show more interest in knowing about their friends. One will show more curiosity to know where their friends are living, what they are doing, where are they doing and all. To fulfill the curiosity of the facebook users, facebook introduces a new tool called facebook graph search. This graph search helps the user to arrange all his/her friends according to their workplace and birthplace.

With the help of this graph search, one can easily sift his/her friend’s photos, likes and comments which are not possible in early days. One can simply notify what are his/her friends listening? Where are they eating? One can also know about the games which are played by the friends, which music liked by them, which photos liked by them and so on. Hence, this graph search helps the one to know more about his/her friends. With this tool, one can easily find out the links, photos, tags, comments and other information which are posted in early years according to the privacy settings. For example, if a person wants the photos tagged by his/her friends before 2000, he/she can use this graph search to find out. Hence, this graph search makes the purpose of searching photos, friends, and updates simple and effortless.

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