Difference between Old and New software of Google Glass


Google glass has quite literally sensationalised the entire organism of the digital sphere. People all over the world are hoping to get hands on experience on this fascinating gadget. I remember how we all looked at movies such as Star Trek and wished to live in a Cyborg like world. Today, with the invention of the Glass, it doesn’t seem to be that distant an idea.

However, every new device has to face some amount of criticism. This might not so much be because the gadget itself is imperfect, but because there are a lot of things that one must learn and enhance as he moves.

I mean come to think about how much the aeroplanes have modernised from their first prototypes given by the Wright brothers. Similarly, there were few, if not many, features that needed modifications in the Google glass also.

Being a very perceptive company, Google was quick to understand these shortcomings and roll out a new version with these bug fixes. Let us look at some of the chief distinctions that were made in order to ensure that the product is a hit.

Get Directions

Google Maps are the most widely used mapping application worldwide Course plotting is one of the most important features of Google Glass. People in today’s times travel a lot more than earlier, which means their need to ask for directions is much higher. It is not incorrect to state that Google maps are the chief selling point of the Google Glass. The new software, XE11 now enables Glass users to get directions to “home” or “work”. This might seem to be a very basic function but happens to be a critical one.  This quality was missing in its earlier version. What it ultimately means is that the new version of the Glass will allow both iOS and Android users to use the Google Search app to make a note of of their preferred locations, meaning Glass will now be acquainted with where you live and where you work.

Individual Agendas

We no longer remember birthdays or anniversaries, let alone meetings and doctor’s appointments. We are spectacularly dependent on our digital calendars that keep on reminding us of impending events. The new software integrates the Google Calendar, which will now allow you to go through your events at a glance. Regrettably, this feature is not available to GApps users just yet.  This seems to be a little glitch however, I am quite sure the versions yet to come will make it even easier for users.

Set Up and Usage

The Google Glass is one of its kinds and unless its set up is simple, not a lot of users will be comfortable with it. Taking a lesson from the previous version, the set-up process has been slightly tugged for first timers although there is a lot yet to be discovered about the new software.

On the whole the new version promises of stability and durability by enhancing its user friendliness and making the product more conditioned to suit the users rather than the developers alone.

Guest Post by Jill Elliott is a qualified Google Glass App Developer currently working in association with eSiteWorld, an international web design and development service provider.

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