Cool Things to do with Your Smartphone Camera

Smartphone camera street photography review

Most phones these days are equipped with amazing cameras that take photographs or record the world around us with crystal clarity. The vast quantities of content being created on smart devices can be overwhelming, from family pictures to funny moments occurring throughout the city, mobile phones got us closer to everyday happenings and allowed us to share our ideas throughout the internet. But there are other interesting uses for your phone camera and you can make the most out of your cell phone by pairing it with cellular accessories or using your camera in one of the following ways.

For example, baby monitors can be expensive if you buy a separate system to keep your little one checked. Grab an old smartphone that has a camera and download one of the apps like “Dormi – Baby Monitor” to take advantage of that old camera in your unused cell phone. A baby monitor will bring you extra security and comfort knowing that you can keep track of your baby sleeping patterns and any emergencies that may surface.

Similarly, a dashboard camera or dash cam brings you several benefits, including having evidence in case of an accident, preventing insurance fraud or simply having the ability to record your vacation trip. Pair up your phone with one of the available apps like “AutoBoy Dashcam” which has some useful features like auto deleting old dashcam video files and you have an extra use for your camera when hitting the road.

If you want to quickly translate a portion of text without having to change your smart device’s keyboard to input different characters from a foreign language? Take a picture and translate it faster. The Google translate app now offers the ability to take a picture of text, highlight it, and get an accurate translation in an instant, really useful for when you’re on a trip or on an international restaurant and have to quickly translate something from the menu.

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