Stock Trading with Artificial Intelligence

Stock Trading with Artificial Intelligence

Silicon Valley’s artificial intelligence (AI) tech is seeping into global stock markets. The use of AI in managing has become one of the biggest trends in managing investment portfolios and picking winning stocks. While large companies have been using AI for years to mine massive amounts of data (including not only stock performance, but also social media trends, corporate commentary, credit card trends, consumer behavior, etc.), the advent and proliferation of AI-based tech has set global stock markets in a new era.

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Save Paper With Digital Alternatives


We are living in a time when it is more and more important for us to be eco-conscious. So much damage has already been done that we now have to take decisive action to take care of our planet. One of the big things that you can do in order to make a difference is to start using less paper. Here are some digital alternatives that you can try so as to avoid cutting down more trees.

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When Off-Site Training Is the Sensible Option

imac training

E-learning is a flexible, reliable option when you need to train staff on coordinate measuring machine software. The freedom to train in-house and on your schedule, regulating hours for your staff or allowing them to learn at their own pace, can be invaluable when you need your quality assurance department up and running at full speed. You can pull your metrology equipment operators back onto the line in case of an emergency if they’re only in the next office instead of out of the facility. However, when it comes to complex software and programming needs like advanced levels of PC-DMIS CAD++, off-site instruction sometimes remains the most sensible option.

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How Will Wearables Change Future Generations?


For those of us in our 40s, our position on the cusp of technological advancement has left us floundering in some areas, and proficient in others. But for anyone under 20 the technological age is in full swing, and it is this generation and the one after that who will feel the full benefits of current developments. Key to this process is ‘wearable’ technology – after all, who wants to carry around heavy, cumbersome tech when you can incorporate it into wristbands, watches and even clothing? And just how close are we to the ultimate in wearables – bio-technological implants?

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Will Paper Ever Become Obsolete?

Paper pile - April 2011

The paperless society is a seductive idea. Proponents maintain that less paper means more money, productivity space, security and that it will help the environment. They argued that the better the technology, the less reliant on paper we will become.  Instead, in the last few decades we have increased our paper use by making it easier to bulk print and photocopy.

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