BYOD – The Latest Craze But What’s It All About?

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BYOD is one of the latest buzzwords going around the business tech industry but what’s it all about?

BYOD stands for bring your own device. It means instead of having to use the laptops & tablets at work your not use to, you can use your own personal devices you are used to in work. Doing this has been shown to boost employees productivity and the employer gets the added bonus of saving money on buying equipment.

You might be thinking your IT department would be having a nightmare because of all of the potential viruses and malware on your personal devices that could infect the network. We all know how strict network guys are when comes to installing any new software on our work PC’s. Well networks are protected by using a virtual desktop infrastructure. By using this system it eliminates the risk of your companies network being infected. More info here.


With BYOD working in the cloud it also means if your the type of person to do some work from home or you have to commute and work you can do it with ease. You no longer need to be tapped into the companies local network to get access to your software, documents or emails. It is possible to access all of this because of the major developments in cloud networking. Watch out in the future for cloud operating systems, that’s right there will be no need to have those Windows/MAC/Linux etc OS installation disks.

Currently businesses adopting this new way of working is small but is continually growing. The largest sector using BYOD currently is in the educational sector. Some schools, colleges and universities are no longer required to provide all of there students with devices as the majority of people of them at home anyway.

So what your thoughts on BYOD? Is your company already using this scheme and is it working?

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