Blazingly Fast: Mobile Data and its Evolution

phone data

The way our world has connected to is phenomenal, people across thousands of miles can be contacted within seconds, boy has our world advanced! All thanks to the advancement of technology in every aspect possible. Mighty computers that look miniscule but has an array of software in them, tiny smartphones that have more computing power than the spaceship that first landed on the moon. All of this witnessed by meager humans in the past 2 decades from a handful of technological wizards, let’s focus on mobile phones that transformed into ‘smartphones’. A device that was created with the intention of simple communication, now functions like a computer.

Built somewhere back in the 80s was a brick that we used to call a mobile phone. Heavy like a stone with minimal functions these devices were used to communicate if you ever found proper network. But, with the advent of mobile phones people started realizing the benefits of being connected 24/7 and hence more efforts were put to make these devices more people-friendly. The phone became lighter in weight and heavier in terms of functionality; the mobile phone had finally metamorphosed into a ‘smartphone’. These brilliant pieces of technology can perform any function all thanks to the Internet or ‘mobile data’, which too improved like the mobile phone.

At first there was 1G, where ‘G’ stood for generation, which was inefficient and slow. Then we slowly moved onto 2G, 3G and now 4G, all of this developed according to the needs of the mighty smartphone. 4G is the latest and fastest in mobile data technology, they can reach download speeds up to 100 mbps and is faster than your home Internet.

The 4G network phenomenon was introduced in India in 2012 and is changing the landscape of connectivity all over. Our country is currently the second largest in terms of smartphone users with over 200 million subscribers and with the introduction of 4G in India that number is going to surge further. As the latest smartphones with a 4G connection can flawlessly perform HD voice and video calls along with navigation and others, people are heavily relying on their smartphones for day-to-day activities.

What the future holds for mobile technology is unsure, but in India all eyes await the arrival of 5G that will surpass all Internet speeds and will make 4G look like a child.

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