Best Mobile Apps for Electronic Signatures

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Technology is changing the way virtually everything in society is done. From business to education and even daily interactions, almost everything that was once done face to face now has a virtual counterpart. That is a good thing. Rather than having to drive to the bank, individuals can do all their transactions online. Instead of flying to a business meeting, executives can connect via a web chat. The extent of technology is even going so far as to enable different methods of signing documents that are legally valid in court. While not necessarily a “new” concept, e-signatures are an effective way to attach an actual signature to an important document without the hassle of the typical paper and pen formality. What is new in regards to e-signatures is the way signatures can be input, it isn’t just a replica of your handwritten signature. With the further acceptance of e-signatures as a viable way to do business, a number of e-signature apps have come on the market to facilitate this method on mobile devices.

Digital Signatures versus Electronic Signatures

Digital signatures can be considered any electronic form of a signature. From the most basic form to the most developed, a digital signature can range from anything as simple as a typed name or an electronic image of a signature to the actual digital recreation of a handwritten signature. To maintain the integrity of signatures, however, more developed means are being adopted. One main ways that the security of signing electronically has been developed and maintained is through the use of what is considered the standard electronic signature. This method adopts the concept of a traditional paper-based signature and transforms the individual’s signature into what is labeled as a “fingerprint” for the individual. As an individual’s signature is specific to him or her this individual “written” signature is identified to the individual signee. Thus, in some sense, an electronic signature isn’t even a signature at all.

What Are the Best Apps for Electronic Signatures?

SignNow—A unique app designed for use on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, SignNow features mobile signing that is easily accessed and extremely cost effective. The SignNow app facilitates the access of documents stored via email, camera, or Dropbox. Once accessed, the app allows users to sign using a finger or a pre-saved signature. Completed documents are saved via the cloud or sent by email.

Silanis e-SignLive—A company dedicated to the effective incorporation of technology and productivity, Silanis offers a wide range of electronic signature products and services. One of the most effective of the company’s products is its mobile e-Sign functioning. The company’s e-signatures feature includes the capability for handwritten signature images or click-to-sign methods, additional user authentication capabilities, hybrid electronic-paper process, and many other options.

DocuSign Ink—Fairly similar to the free app SignNow, DocuSign Ink offers additional capabilities in terms of encryption and authentication. The DocuSign Ink app also creates an easy to access document trail that indicates who signed what, where, and when. This paid version also enables users to send documents to multiple parties and to create reminders via email.

When it comes to finding the write e-signature app, determining the necessary functioning, versatility, and security level are all vital considerations. While most apps feature a unique signature capability, the difference is made when security and versatility are at the forefront.

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