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The majority of developers release their apps to run on several mobile operating systems such as iOS and android so that all mobile users can access their products, this article specifically looks at the Apple App Store and the best Apps available to download right now!

Last month saw Lara Croft GO soar to the top of the App store download charts. Based on the games predecessor Hitman GO, the franchise has incorporated the use of popular tomb raider character Lara Croft. The action game provided an exciting and tense gameplay experience as you move through deadly terrain whilst solving various puzzles whilst adding the original theme of the much loved tomb raider series.

Hyper; A beautiful video magazine. This new video magazine tailored for the iPad is a clutter free delivery of the highest quality video uploads from the web, updated daily. The app is run by a group of film makers who are watching a lot of online content, and then placing the highest quality clips all in one place for users to be able to view within one App.


For classic gaming fans there is LadyLucks Casino – There are a lot of i-gaming apps available across all gaming platforms now, this particular app, unlike a lot of other gaming providers, offers a £20 bonus which can be used to win real money, not just additional bonuses. With a whole host of games on the app such as slots, roulette, blackjack and bingo, you can probably make that £20 go quite far!

iTunes U has become more popular as iPads become a more integral part of schooling. iTunes U was updated to allow Students to hand in homework assignments via the app as well as providing a one to one chat option for students and instructors to discuss their work. iTunes U is also a great resource of free educational content, from schools such as Harvard and Yale sharing their material on the platform for educational purposes.


Whilst Goat Simulator is still in the top paid for Apps, the release of Goat Simulator MMO Simulator has overrun it in the charts. Like most popular MMO’s the theme is set in a medieval type era, adding to the randomness and hilarity of the idea of Goat Simulator. It is absolutely pointless, but brilliant at the same time.

Lastly while not quite as exciting as some of the abovementioned apps, Printer Pro which is currently on sale, became the 5th top grossing App. The App is a simple idea, so simple you wonder why someone hasn’t already created this. The Printer Pro allows you to print from your device to any Wi-Fi or USB printer within range without the hassle of setting up new devices and having your device remember them for future use.

Gaming seems to be the primary sector for new and popular apps gauging from the top paid and grossing apps, although other lifestyle apps are becoming more and more important tools to us such as Google Maps for navigation or Facebook for keeping in touch with all your friends and family.

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